Autonomous enrollment "three kingdoms" written ending is a upgraded version of the college entrance examination

Yesterday (12th), autonomous enrollment "three kingdoms" written putting on the last play, Tongji University, led by the "great Alliance" 9 school entrance exams written in Guangdong, South China University of technology successfully held, over a total of more than 1400 students went to the examination room.

with "NATO" and "Warsaw Pact" two Alliance brings together the many comprehensive universities, "great Alliance" strong in engineering, which consists of Beijing Polytechnic University, Chongqing University, Dalian University of technology, Southeast University, Harbin University of technology, South China University of technology, Tianjin University, Tongji University, 9 so, Northwestern Polytechnical University featuring engineering national "project 985" universities. It is understood that the test total of 31 centers in the country, including Guangdong test center at South China University of technology North campus.

compare "NATO" and "Warsaw Pact", "great Alliance" written brief. Yesterday morning to test social science (Chinese and English) in the afternoon math and Science (physics and chemistry), in which the Liberal Arts candidates do not need to participate in "natural science" exam. In another development, the South China University of technology independent recruitment interviews (for admission) in the written test that night.

some candidates the day before yesterday participated in the "NATO" and "Warsaw Pact" written of one Union, now fight again "great Alliance", "Veterans", "great Union" questions are relatively easy, and questions similar to the college entrance examination, many people pointed out that independent admission is reduced to "small entrance." And people who only register for "great Alliance" autonomous enrollment of students is an exclamation point problem is too large.

many students ran only to South China University of technology, outside the University few applicants. Students told reporters that the "great Alliance" within the College, is the second echelon of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, to test students in grade levels on average, mainly to "guaranteed", and top-notch students not to take the test.

the reporter learns, after exams, Union Unity organization focused on scoring. After about two or three weeks, candidates can log on the website and re-examination of the list selection in major League programme. Early March, many colleges and universities will organize interviews, Union College interview time will try to stagger, facilitate candidates.

• "three kingdoms" written over, "entrance" thicken

independent recruitment into the small entrance examination?

questions are hard to find "characteristic"

independent recruitment exam questions sparked this year, especially the "autonomous enrollment small entrance" sound a lot. Netizens sharply evaluation "autonomous enrollment slipped to the University entrance exam." Many students think that, this year's college entrance examination questions like the "upgrade" question more, topics more difficult, but the type is "standard", run, strange questions disappeared in previous years.

some netizens said "2012 of the warm without the spirit and strength of character, there's no weather and feelings, only individuals of small moving. "An interview with reporters at the scene discover, the" three kingdoms "title make excellent grades the candidates feel" flat ", examines the conception and there is no significant challenges.

2011 NATO language writing test is the "endless and countless people from Afar". Two years ago, "Warsaw Pact" when the examination for the first time, discovered a modernist poet Lin Hengtai twice times, "you were born already, the birth of your death is not dead you......" this type of candidate "torture" confused the topic more.

before the independent recruitment exams, is usually the major colleges and universities teachers own question. However after the joint entrance examination, "characteristic" in varying degrees, be weakened. This year, for example, "Peking University features" very few questions.

as early as the "Warsaw Pact" Alliance soon, it handed over to third parties the right to proposition, proposition proposition team of experts from within the Union. Following the "Warsaw Pact", after the "NATO" Infineon sentenced volume duties entrusted to the relevant agencies. Earlier, the Group of Peking University Admissions official admits, "when separate autonomous before admission, in accordance with the characteristics of the school paper. Union, schools need to consider other colleges and subjects ' characteristics of Beijing University ' has waned. ”

in this regard, many netizens believe that independent recruitment exams in previous years or strange, but can test candidate's creativity, imagination, and learning ability, helps selecting creative potential talents. University "Union" propositions and scoring on to third parties, resulting in decreased exam answers flexibility, losing independent recruitment of "personality" and features of College, many people could not help but worry their own admissions exams have become the "little college entrance examination" at risk.

rural students find it difficult to reach

in recent years, due to the uneven distribution of urban and rural education resources, unfair competition and other factors, children in less developed areas to go to College, prestigious schools increasingly difficult. This year the Ministry of education stressed that University independent recruitment pilot should be appropriately directed to rural areas, secondary schools or students. Peking University, Tsinghua University, and other schools have introduced the NPC to poor areas and poor candidate tilt the independent recruitment policy.

However, these new policies in place at the beginning, once heated dispute, particularly at Renmin University of China "within three generations, no college student" principle requires, is being hyped.

reporters monitoring the two-day written test site and encountered only a handful of candidates in rural areas. To test candidates in rural areas, and below the county level is basically middle school took part, and recommending places usually have only one or two, is very limited. Xinhua learned from a parent who come from rural areas, compared to urban key middle school, candidates from the county secondary school, especially in rural areas the student is at a competitive disadvantage. Their secondary schools generally not recommended places emphasis on independent enrollment is limited, most candidates can only cover in the form of examination.