"Big nose" school bus debut capital group

2011 domestic frequent school bus accidents are not only contribute to the forthcoming school bus standards, also let the group went into the exhibition hall on the school bus. More than billions of dollars in school bus market in the future, become the battleground of commercial vehicle manufacturers. February 15, 2012 18th Chinese school, the first auto show, become a commercial vehicle manufacturers competing to stage show.

the international motor show held at the National Conference Center in size than the Beijing auto show, only a Hall the size of an indoor exhibition hall in Beijing auto show and rested from the mainstream commercial vehicle manufacturer produces dozens of school buses full of orange body color look dull in the Pavilion. First day on display, the Museum is no bustling crowds, more media and trade visitors from all sides. Red carpet has been extended to the inside of each school bus, as long as came near the car will have staff members carefully explained, so make sure that used to show the enthusiasm of the audience not used. In addition to hengtong bus, youth bus, jianghuai Sunray absent such accidents, Faw, Fukuda, yellow, Gold Dragon enterprises of domestic commercial vehicles have got their own school bus products. Online has become the star of the United States Blue Bird school bus, become the focus of the show, just hours before, the audience filed into the Blue Bird school bus.

compared quite Visual impact of United States Blue Bird school car, around of most domestic school car are is déjà vu; body Shang not only less has Blue Bird school car Shang "than General bus substantial 50 times times", slogans and substantial of rivet, appearance Shang more like spray Shang has orange yellow paint of General CMB or bus car, tail more out of door and body side highlight of parking warning brand, became they show school car identity of logo. Several domestic manufacturers also have a "long-nose" school bus, these cars are not only differences in engine layout ordinary buses, some car comes standard with three-point seat belts, bundled Windows automatic crushing device and a school bus management system, have become the "long-nose" highlights. At the scene, reporter learned that, in addition to Faw-VW commercial vehicle technician their school bus outside the body than ordinary buses to strengthen, most simply said his school bus and ordinary buses comply with national safety standards. Mention in the body specially strengthened.

reporters at the auto show site learned that made school buses is expected to sell more than 200,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, so prices for economically underdeveloped regions of schools or school bus company, remains an unbearable price.