Don't let the "caressing" to "strangle" the children's childhood "friend"

Xinhuanet, Nanjing, February 13 (reporter Ye Chao)-5-year old daughter lying on the couch playing with IPAD, little fingers expertly across the screen, cut fruits, drawing and singing. Watching her daughter play the game alone, all of a sudden that children today are a little poor, little Playmate, most of the time it is a play. One child, skyscrapers and other factors, so we rarely see many children play happily together after school.

sometimes take the children to the playground, I find that the kids are each playing their own, a group of adults, must either accompany themselves playing, either on the side of "monitoring", slightly came ready "Deus Ex Machina". Some parents find other children, also rushed to pull their children away. Her childhood, clusters are a group of children playing, sand bags, jumping rubber band, push aside the grass catching crickets ... ... Teams whistled through the village, that's "cool". At that time less homework every afternoon, "crazy" enough, or just playing, in the voice of parents, only coming home to eat.

therefore, in my memory, his childhood friends in the company, we learn, play and grow, we appreciate the friendship, also exerts a kind of team spirit. That time, the village, we have neither IPAD nor the three kingdoms, but there is no less a wonderful childhood. But now our children alone, with their childhood, only the parents, grandparents and a variety of classes, classes. Without friends, their childhood is complete, please?

a daughter to the kindergarten and saw two little friction between the parents because the children, hurling each other; then forced together and who are fighting, and play away. Seeing this, I can't help but sigh, this two kids it's hard to be friends in the future. Eccentric, stubborn, biased and MADCAP character flaws and psychological problems such as the one-child, especially child who frequently appeared in the city, it's not the children's fault.

children of the world, might as well leave them better. Now the children has been difficult to find a partner, why should people with "love" in the name of "killed". The love of parents, can never replace friendship between children, adults should not own the world view of human well-being to interfere, pollution, children are naïve and childish. Do we wish children childhood memories only: adult figure?