Expert Guan Ying refutation of the "poor boy, rich girl," says

I think the "poor boy, girl nutrient" is not as child-rearing "golden rule".

first of all, in relation to a person's sex, has a biological sex and social gender theory. "Poor boy, girl nutrient" is from the point of view of gender, reflected in the socio-cultural constraints in the form of boys and girls of different social status expectations, is entrusted by the people.

Secondly, as far as parenting, is "poor" or "eutrophication" no absolute standard. In General, the "poor" and "rich" reflect the economic situation of families, just solve the problem of food and clothing for poor families to get the girl "nutrient" to what degree? A rich home environment and how detached from reality "poor" boy? Every child living in a particular family environment, take corresponding countermeasures of child education should face the reality, and, in accordance with the sex talk in general terms "poor", "the rich" of little practical significance.

then "poor" and "eutrophication" involves the question of what kind of person the children into. "Poor boy-rich girl" say there are a number of reasons, it seems not unreasonable. The point is different from traditional society, modern society is gender equality and multicultural society, those boys "to take on more social and family responsibilities" social expectations apply equally to girls, girls "on the world produces strong immunity" requirements apply equally to boys. Whether boy or girl the social environment is the same, complex, according to the adult human, the way foster children of different sexes, inevitably result in irreparable defects such as child's personality and abilities. Successful sex education is the sense of gender equality in education is to promote sex education of children play to their potential, is to make men and women become fully human, adaptation of the people of the future of education.

parenting is no laughing matter. "Poor boy, girl Fu" as head of the family on the right, but not as family education philosophy and by extension the parents particularly rational, think twice.

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