Jiangsu "Trinity" integrated education pattern of education 17 million new generation

Xinhuanet, Nanjing, February 13 (reporter Jiang Fang)-won the minor, to win a better future. In recent years, Jiangsu Province, the effective integration of all resources, firmly grasp the school, family, community, the three main position of ideological and moral construction of underage people, forming a "Trinity" pattern of comprehensive education, jointly leads the 17 million, Jiangsu new generation "being a moral person" objectives.

education is what color? Primary and secondary school students in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, will tell you, education are coloured: Red education national spirit education as the Center, to life, to awaken life as the goal of green education, education to improve the quality of gold as the goal, purple education to enhance the innovation capacity as the core, Blue represents the love of education. "The colored education as the core, we designed a colorful and vivid moral education curriculum, let the children be educated in joy. "Changzhou Education Bureau official said.

same as Changzhou, schools across the province as minors the right moral values of the main channel, main positions by mining resources of moral education, team work, regional culture, folk art and tradition, national spirit into moral education courses. Socialist core value system is like the breeze, in the classroom, teaching materials and moist with the children's spiritual world, "education oriented, moral education first" philosophy rooted in the campus.

family education is the Foundation of education and social education in schools. It is understood that the school administrative set up in Jiangsu Province in 2004 parents, and tutors working in the province, at present, the province has all kinds of 50,000 parents school, tutor-led agency coverage of more than 90%. To adapt to the trends in information education, online schools for parents and 13 cities of Jiangsu Province online schools for parents have been established, as millions of families to the scientists taught a good helper. Theoretical study on tutoring, tutor knowledge preached, tutor supervision, tutoring and volunteer with four teams all year round active in urban and rural areas in the province, a total of over more than 20,000 part-time staff. Since 2004, the home education advisory service activities carried out 7,000 per cent provincial, publication of learning materials 200duowanfen.

learning how to make ceramics, gardening, bamboo, tea, participate in camping, hiking tour, fire drills, quality development ... ... Located in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi minor social practice base, summer and holidays each year is always bustling. Since the completion of operation, more than 130,000 youths from inside and outside the province, here to participate in various social activities, experience joy, confidence and frustration, to stimulate creativity and team spirit.

"society is not school, outside the home of a ' wall ' class. Jiangsu juvenile education platform of actively building communities, in schools and build a bridge of love between families. "Civilization Office, Jiangsu Province, officials said.

schools, families and society together, complement each other and support each other, make minors ' ideology and moral construction in Jiangsu Province work accomplished. Up to now, has had 7 minors ' ideology and moral construction of Jiangsu national advanced city Advanced Unit, 19 and 8 individuals, total rank first in the country.

"the ideological and ethical construction of minors working in our province can walk in the forefront, because it is rooted in the fertile soil, with a mission in the province, with responsibility, with feelings, jointly written with 17 million minors ' healthy growth and comprehensive development of the article. "Civilization Office, Jiangsu Province, officials said.

it is understood that the Jiangsu provincial party Committee and the provincial government to strengthen and improve the ideological and ethical construction of minors, as "two leading" a global event to catch, developed and implemented to strengthen and improve the ideological and ethical construction of minors action plan and three years of improvement actions, finance has been for 7 consecutive years, totalling 50 million yuan of special funds each year for ideological and ethical construction of minors. 2010 set up initial capital of 10 million yuan of "Jiangsu juvenile virtue Foundation" to mobilize more social resources into care in the care of minors.

in 2012, will also increase investment in Jiangsu, enrich and perfect the school education network in the province, and strive to 975 townships in the province next year all have more than 1 "rural school children's Palace", creating the conditions for rural minors carry out extracurricular activities.