Launched initiatives to ensure that the end of the street no street children

Recently, reporter from Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau was informed that: Beijing has started "shuttle stray children home" special action, by home, and police, and Chengguan, and health, and education, and protection, and financial, and fully rule, 8 a sector joint, insisted "found a, and rescue a" principles, strive to to 2012 end of basic achieved capital Street no stray minor people of target; and will active active helping life difficult minor people and family, basic put an end to Beijing nationality population in the appeared minor people for life poverty, and Disease caused by poverty and other reasons to go out begging phenomenon.

according to reports, in order to find and rescue homeless minors, Civil Affairs Bureau will establish a stray juvenile community discovery and reporting mechanisms, and developing social work intervention, counselling, treatment, education and training, help homeless young people return to their families and society. Nonresident return home for street children, will further increase the intensity of linkages with provincial and municipal administration institutions, open client minors return channel. Beijing public security departments will also strengthen the downtown blocks, bridges, culverts, subways, railway stations, such as wandering the minor concentration and sleeping area inspections, minor blood of unknown origin, entered the national anti-trafficking DNA database.