Our popular calcium supplements in infants existence doubtful interest

Experts say that breastfeeding does not need calcium   doctors recommend calcium supplements or interest

according to the voice of the news aspect of the news, a recent survey shows that in the country, close to 90% parents accept the doctor's recommendation, until the baby is six months started to give children calcium supplements. This means that in the eyes of doctors, almost all children have a calcium deficiency. And calcium products is also very much in the media, rendering the risk of calcium deficiency in the advertising is very scary. Our current standard of living, there is no 90% of infant malnutrition. People are very confused, normal term babies through breast milk and drinking milk, Zhuangzhuang was in vain, asking why a check is always short of calcium? Chinese children are so large, the participation of calcium deficiency is certainly wrong. Then the problem is a misunderstanding or a profit-driven?

baby full term was told to calcium?

small Xu is a young mother, children, just more than a month, these days she's been for calcium supplementation to the child not to worry. She felt their children born at term, health indicators were normal, do not want to give their children the calcium, but look around the child, and doctors are also said to be filled, with some hesitation.

small Xu said that when she was discharged from the hospital opened several Hin lid flute of effervescent powder, told the kids after the full moon that began taking, I don't think children calcium deficiency did not eat, communicate with other hospital's mother found the hospital hospital will open them.

Li Yi also faced the same problem just came back, she had been in the United States, his daughter five months, in the United States during the medical examinations are good, but home is told: children calcium!

Li Yi said, not patched in a foreign country, you never mentioned supplements such a thing, says bald is the pillows rubbing out, not because of a calcium deficiency. But she said had questioned whether or not to add anything. Doctors say no, children eat is not necessarily a good thing. Later, Li Yi to vaccinate their community, the doctor directly asked whether calcium supplements to the baby, and doctors said they have had little calcium, can consider.

expert: breast milk calcium is ridiculous

Peking University School of public health nutrition Professor Li Keji and his students in urban Beijing parents surveyed 218, 202 of whom a little calcium, 67% baby 4 months ago started calcium, 6 months, up to 86% baby in calcium, and most is the doctor's advice. China children really had such a large area of lack of calcium do? Reporters interviewed a number of authoritative experts, they are for the people expressed concern about the situation of calcium supplementation.

Chinese nutrition society and Vice Chairman, Vice Chairman of the Chinese society for child and maternal nutrition yixiang Su Professor says, if you have enough breast milk to eat, or have enough milk to eat, it is not recommended to add calcium. In some rural areas, if the children have no milk to eat, there is no formula to eat, in this context we will consider appropriate to the child to some calcium supplements. Calcium if you eat more, it had to set out to go, to go through the kidneys, will undoubtedly add to the burden on the kidneys, especially children when the kidneys do not mature, from safety considerations, more calcium supplementation is not recommended.

Li Keji thought that breast milk calcium supplement that is the most absurd is absurd, based on 10 years of calcium nutrition of panic or misunderstanding, or is misleading. Bald like pillow, night sweating just a symptom, other factors can also cause these symptoms.

doctors recommend calcium supplements or hidden interest

since blind calcium supplementation is not science, but why calcium supplementation to infants and young children has become a universal phenomenon? When the "calcium" evolved as a social phenomenon, the truth behind it is even more confusing, people want to find out. In interviews, many parents have told reporters that they give children calcium is to listen to the doctor's advice, and mother is partly because people are filling around, afraid of their children lost at the starting line.

in the Beijing maternity hospital (microblogging), just after the birth of children and children with more than 40 days of inspection of the same mother told reporters that the hospital the doctor gave the granules of calcium carbonate, asked after the full moon begins to kids, these children are of normal term babies.

Reporter: did such a small child calcium?

parents: have to fill, discharge, they were to take charge week week eating.

Reporter: today you did review doctor say that calcium supplements?

parents: the doctor will ask you, do you want to open the powder or something? Because we bought in the first place, the child must have.

Reporter: do children were exclusively breastfed?

parents: Yes.

reporters in his capacity as parents register, see a pediatrician, she said definitely need calcium supplements.

Reporter: exclusive breastfeeding and mixed feeding, do you need a calcium supplement?

doctor: is needed.

Reporter: how much should begin filling it?

doctor: as a general rule about full moon began to fill, in theory.

doctor requirements children from full moon began fill calcium has may is for on this problem of different cognitive and specific diagnosis, but has a thing is caused has reporter of note, one mother told reporter, in 42 days review of when, she with doctor said has about situation, then added said in online see fill calcium also will caused children constipation, doctor on to open has Zhang article, above on wrote has a brand of milk calcium, to door of commissary to buy.

journalists have also encountered the same situation, a parent holding a strip in the front came out, which is what the mother said that brand of calcium, is also in front of the hospital's canteen purchases, when reporters after consultation with calcium get the same Strip.

Reporter: I saw that you've just written to the parents of calcium, that are good?

doctor: We kind of calcium carbonate, calcium can open a box at a time, relatively speaking it is slightly more expensive, but the results are good, the calcium needed to the door of the grocery store to buy, it has not yet come into our pharmacies.

objectively speaking, not all baby calcium, doctors are encouraged, such as has been reported, at the children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University, many expert Office specialized in a sign that reads "dairy products contain a required amount of calcium for children, no additional calcium." Part of the nutritional status of parents for their children, "Ning which do not lack" attitude and pervasive marketing and some manufacturers exaggerated advertising, also created a popular calcium supplements in infants this nutritional wonders of today's China. Experts say medical harm to the baby too much calcium have been inconclusive, because the only country in the world this shouldn't be the case, the effect would still be many years before. However, there is no need to get our kids to take such risks, this is every parents should think about the problem.