Pension trivial daily life for children education parents why so busy?

Children, the elderly, relatives and friends, and the things, things, dealing with property in the neighborhood thing ... ... Things at home a lot, no one needed to worry about. But life is constituted by these little family, in which the people, cannot be avoided. Only with a positive attitude, life can be better

education of children cannot afford to relax

everyone was pushing, forcing you to have to think more for the child's future, it is hard to feel at ease

this winter, Lu Ying was worried because her daughter is about to face a "rose" test.

Lu Ying is a university teacher in Beijing, usually not too busy at work, she was her daughter's. From the age of 4, his daughter began to learn the piano, until now hardly stopped, now my daughter has passed nine of the piano.

"someone said, and began practicing the piano at age 4, will it be too late? Actually, 4 years old has not early, many children did not attend kindergarten start to learn this and that. Generally speaking, girls learn to play the piano, dance, boy band, chess, entry can be added in the future. "Lu Ying said, now this society, children will learn a variety of knowledge, how old should learn what community practices, others are pushing you away. "As parents should teach their children is not a problem at all. "Lu Ying said, fortunately, and her daughter is accustomed to, like a piano.

grade, Lu Ying's daughter started math and English tutoring classes have a class every weekend, usually also has some tutorials. The primary five, began to sign up for winter and summer vacation for "up" training camp, parents call the "pits." Lu Ying's daughter has three "classes", and spent the winter fighting. Are now on the "pit" March best students, Lu Ying hope her daughter would pass the Trustees will no longer attempt to find the school.

almost all the time in good schools to prepare for the future, such education is too utilitarian? Lu Ying said, she has a cheerful parents, do not demand results, "but everyone is pushing, forcing you to have to think more for the child's future, it is hard to feel at ease. "Lu Ying said that the daughter seems to have now adapted, usually have no time to play, summer school, return home than go out. "This generation of kids is not like we used to like to play with the neighbor's children. "She said.

compared to Lu Ying's daughter, 9, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Wei Yiman learn more. Her father, Wei told reporters that from the age of 4, Wei Yiman started learning vocal music, performances, instruments, models, Allegro, is private teacher. Wei Yiman has participated in CCTV, provincial television children's program, in 2009, out of the album. "The past few years has spent more than 1 million Yuan," he said, a "child star" little yiman was busy, she is more busy, often after work to accompany her daughter to participate in the program, accompanying learning.

even so, Mr Wei also met, often saving programs in the mobile phone video to a friend. Mr Wei's wife is responsible for the child's education, and spend more time and effort, she claimed to be children "kidnapped", but they are very happy, "kidnapped": "as long as children can become busy myself, I think! ”

Lou Asia Juan is a full-time mother in Beijing, "in the eyes of others, and full-time mother is very busy, especially as the children go to kindergarten, and in fact I thing, plenty of them. "Lou and Juan said, children were born, Lou Asia Juan started looking for nannies, friend, from domestic companies and a variety of ways has been more than 10 nannies, there, there is home during the day, the hour, all types are used, but has not been very well, very worried about.

to look after her children, Lou Juan moved his family to Asia next to the kindergarten. Thought 4800 Yuan a month private kindergartens would be reassuring, but I didn't know since the beginning of October last year, discovered kindergartens there are all kinds of problems, parents kindergarten is not correct, leading to half the children in the class back gardens. Later, Lou also decided to back Asia Juan Park, looking for a kindergarten, "at that time, were too much for this. "Lou and Juan said.

parent Endowment effort involved

to life many of the elderly of the city with their children, the community should open up more places for elderly activities, so that they have a fuller life

a few years ago, Lu Ying took his parents to Beijing. "Last August, my mother had cataract surgery, the hospital for a week, and spent more than 10,000 yuan. "Lu Ying said that expenses in half, there was going to be part of the burden.

Lu Ying home in Wuhan, as parents get older, often some ailments have to go to the hospital, but claims still have to run back to Wuhan, in serious trouble. Lu Ying and sister discuss reimbursement procedures for mothers to go to Beijing. However, the transfer from Wuhan proved more difficult, had a lot of trouble, was not finished until January this year. Now with a bank card in Beijing for reimbursement procedures, and that makes Lu Ying province, a lot of heart.

most headache for Lu Ying, was after his father's retirement with nothing to do. Elderly people every day to send their daughter to school, buy food, clean. "My dad said to me all day long, too boring, feeling detached from society, was not a pleasant one. "Lu Ying said, due to boredom, two elderly people also still quarreled at home, make people laugh and cry.

"with their children to many of the elderly in Beijing, if communities can be more places for elderly activities, appropriate for them to participate in social work, perhaps they wouldn't be so bored, also will be able to continue to play the heat. "Lu Ying says, the old man's spiritual life is very important, I hope the Government can consider a more detailed, more humane, and make life more fulfilling.

residents in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Qiu Zhaoxia share. For the care of children, Qiu Zhaoxia took his mother from his home to Guangzhou. But since last year, daughter to kindergarten, she had nothing to do, kept telling her nagging hand sore, legs weak. Once, father's Orchard home accidentally hurt his leg, Qiu Zhaoxia hurriedly drove home his father received treatment in Guangzhou.

"mother had nothing to do, his father at home, especially busy with my work, not free to accompany them. Until now but haven't found any good ways to solve, always difficult to trust. "Qiu Zhaoxia hope Community public services can be organized activities for the elderly, so that they have something to do. In addition, the old people left behind in the countryside should be given more attention. "Like my dad's old man, there are a lot of rural, life was not easy, Government should be more caring. "Qiu Zhaoxia said.

life makes people worry about

dealing with property fed up with there friends and neighbors often entangled with

"buy a new House, moving to a new home, this is a happy thing, lived new houses for less than six months, wall permeability for no reason, staying for seven or eight times, but do not give. I was very busy at work, live in such a House, was busy in the trouble, really annoying! "Not long ago, Beijing, Chaoyang District, a community owner Wang Wei told reporters.

32 years old Wang Wei served on the financial institution. Last spring, he bought a second-hand housing in the community, followed by a renovation. In July of that year, three of Mr Wang happily moved into a new House. "But only lived for two months, found the bedroom walls of water!" Wang said that he was very depressed, beautiful wallpaper, wet was blistered.

Mr Wang gave the property seven or eight calls, waiting for five or six days, finally come out. It turns out that is embedded in the wall air conditioner drain is blocked, maintenance is not difficult, but to all households off the air conditioning upstairs. Wang Wei live in building a 30-story, he lives in a 7-story, over more than 20 closed upstairs air conditioning, easier said than done. For this, he was busy for five or six days.

living in the city, the home of so many. In addition to dealing with the property, there are friends, neighbors, no one needed to worry about.

Qiu Zhaoxia and her husband opened an advertising company in Guangzhou, business is getting back on track in these two years, the current staff has reached more than 100 people. Qiu Zhaoxia was upset that, with better business, relatives and friends all kinds of things and ask her for help more and more.

in addition to looking for a job, there are some relatives to Qiu Zhaoxia, a turn to other things. For example, contact a doctor, registered contact, find a good doctor, a bed, etc; also has a dedicated travel to Guangzhou, Qiu Zhaoxia and her husband to arrange for food, housing, transportation, family living full, the company's drivers often pull relative to play.

Qiu Zhaoxia will spend a lot of money a year, consume a lot of energy. However, Qiu Zhaoxia and her husband will continue to try to meet requirements of relatives and friends. "Who is not, who do not need help? People is only if no other way you are friends and relatives, not too busy to help. "Qiu Zhaoxia said.

Qiu Zhaoxia believes that life is constituted by these little family, in which the people, cannot be avoided, only with a positive attitude to deal with these things, life can be better.