Secretary of education: study accompanying children of college entrance examination reform of important issues, such as

In 2011, along with the national plan for medium and long-term education reform and development (2010-2020) comprehensive implementation of and positive progress in the reform and development of education, are more crucial areas involving sensitive, capturing complex.

2012 two sessions before, reporter on a number of issues of great concern of the people to interview the Minister of education Yuan guiren.

effectively curb school mess, solution to the burden problem

Reporter: today, some compulsory school still outstanding in big cities, some local towns "large amount" a more serious problem, primary and middle school students still heavy school bags, how to solve?

global: over the years, compulsory education resources in schools, regional imbalances has led to the emergence of these problems, the education program has both specimens are given a clear path. In 2011, the Ministry of education respectively in 27 provinces (regions and municipalities) and the Xinjiang production and construction Corps signed a memorandum, around the clear timetable for the balanced development of compulsory education, the road map and the main tasks. Many provinces also signed a deal with cities or counties. For more than a year, boosted by rebuilding weak schools, strictly enforced rules of vicinity, plan teaching and personnel management, increase the intensity of exchanges of teachers, high school students more quality measures such as quota allocation to the regional junior high school, and achieved certain results. To continue in the future through the promotion of standardization, promoting the principals and teachers of the school exchanges, high quality educational resources sharing counterpart support, improve the whole level of compulsory school. To be introduced throughout the guidance and specific measures for the implementation of compulsory education school choice, introduced specific policy measures to regulate school behavior, actively and steadily promote the nine-year school construction. Meanwhile, reform of the evaluation system for schools, teachers and students, and students ' academic burden monitoring and announcement system, given to the school education indicators is strictly prohibited, forbidden to place undue emphasis on the area and schools were ranked, should also strive for consensus and support of the parents and the community, really unnecessary burden reduction children down.

work together to control primary and secondary school teaching aids chaos and arbitrary charge problem

Reporter: primary and secondary school teaching material chaos and arbitrary charges have become reviled in recent years issues, Ministry of education, what practical measures were being taken to reverse this situation?

global: in recent years, seven departments governing educational fees the Inter-Ministerial Joint Conference, established institutions in the province, establishing and perfecting the operation specifications, system of governance, such as school fees in compulsory education stage 8, and gradually form a powerful unison patterns. Beginning in August 2011, service charges and fees and standards included in the scope of Government information disclosure, to the public. Express request of the Ministry of education to cancel compulsory key, key classes, classes, teachers in any form is strictly prohibited charging extra lessons, issues such as violations on primary and secondary school, the implementation of dynamic management of monitoring points. According to statistics from seven sector governance Office of letters and visits, reflecting the compulsory paid remedial and supplementary materials which issues showed a decreasing trend in the number of letters and calls. 2011 yilai, Ministry of education and news published Department, and national NDRC, and State jiufengban, sector for social reflect strongly of taught auxiliary material bulk which problem, in-depth carried out research, seriously analysis has exists of problems and the reasons, find has taught auxiliary material bulk which problem of crux, proposed has governance taught auxiliary material problem of basic thought, that specimens and rule, sparse blocking combined; classification management, strengthened comments; to province mainly, adjusting measures to local conditions; Division, comprehensive. And jointly issued the Declaration on strengthening the management of primary and middle school teaching materials using notifications.

accompanying children of the full protection of migrant workers and rural children the right to education

Reporter: in 2011, declared start of Ministry of education of children of migrant workers in the local participation in entrance examination approaches of research work, how now? Any deployment to the rural children's education?

global: relevant departments and all levels of Government are implementing "managed to enter the Government, full-time public primary and high schools-oriented" policy, efforts to address accompanying children receiving compulsory education of rural workers. A special working group is made up of many experts study accompanying children of the migrant worker and argument relates to the important issue of the reform of college entrance examination. Problem related to urban management, social security for migrant children education, migrants and local residents on the allocation of resources to education and reform of the household registration system, the situation is complex, you need to consider. This year around residents into a regional education development plan, will be accompanying children into the financial scope of protection. Meanwhile, strengthening the construction of rural boarding schools, giving priority to rural left-behind children in boarding school.

solid construction of long-term mechanism of campus safety and security

Reporter: campus safety, school bus accidents cause parental anxiety and concern in society, how to build up long-term mechanism of security?

global: nearly three years central to invest 28 billion yuan, local governments at all levels invested more than 200 billion yuan, the implementation of primary and secondary schools in safety engineering, for more than 300 million square meters of unsafe school buildings for reinforcement. Invest 4 billion yuan to strengthen the school "three defenses" building, establish and perfect long-term working mechanism to maintain campus security. Ministry of education are fully cooperate with related departments, regulations and programmes to study and solve problems, and require schools to strengthen safety education, combined with parental choice, design students to school transport routes and modes of transportation established in school buses school bus safety management system, and ensure the safety of students. For some students due to layout and adjustment in rural areas "to school far" question, we ask that all localities should take full account of students to and from school, traffic safety, boarding schools and other factors, no merge for conditions of school. Rural schools to have adjustments, increased funding, and solve student boarding conditions of life, in particular, to prevent students from dropping out. Must be retained and teaching in primary schools, teaching staff must be strengthened, making full use of means of distance education quality education resources, supported by CD teaching, improve teaching level. Merging adjustment programmes in rural schools in the future must be to the public, publicity, amply listen to public opinion.