Shanghai school and nursery school "zero certificate" parents hope and feasible policies

Obligation to stage public school in Shanghai is now enrolled, school year will be announced to the public in the time allotted slice of vicinity scope and time, enrollment of students enrolled, while private schools since last year have been trying to register online. It is learnt that the private school admissions process this year, will all register online, mainly basic information of some students, school organization on the basis of this interview, the final admission.

"public review"

principal explanation: counterpart source or fine tune

public school General implemented according to lots recruit students of policy, so school district room natural on homeopathic "rising" has, so many parents in decided let children Shang public school Hou, which houses can counterpart himself right of school is they maximum of confused, second they of worried also is annual school district room whether will for adjustment, last year where community if belongs to school of school district room, that this year or future also will continue to counts as this by school of "school district room" does?

Center of Hongkou district, the third primary school principal Cheng Pei said, his scope of the lots belonging to the school, parents can pay attention to related Web sites, General admissions policy will be released in April. For location, Board of education may according to region number of students as well as school enrollment for fine-tuning.

gezhi junior high school principal Wang said public junior high school enrollment is simple, counterpart student counterpart school. Gezhi middle school was opened with a specialty class, this class is for students in the art class, such as women's volleyball, shooting, etc. Specialty class enrollment this year at about 15. Compared to the regular classes, specialty training classes focused on children's strengths, wants to get into the class you first need to obtain identification of relevant departments to determine their specialty and application, the school will then need to test students and selection of the project. Wang said, in front of the entrance, and school to the elementary school to understand the situation and know which primary schools have a similar specialty items and notice posted up.

Huangpu district, Luwan district, and admissions policy changes that may occur after the merger, Huangpu District Department of education officials say, there is no notification in this regard, specific admissions policies, admissions policies, will wait until March before it for discussion and decision.

Board of recommendation: rational choice of home school parents should

parents blindly in textual criticism and competitions, and expects to use verified certificates and race school, does it prove uneven allocation of compulsory education resources? In this regard, the Municipal Education Commission said both PISA test, or education quality monitoring shows that the degree of Shanghai's compulsory education among the best both at home and abroad. During the process of balanced development of compulsory education, the Government can do is just human, financial, and material balancing the allocation of resources. Different schools and teachers, the level and quality of services vary. "But about public schools, will continue to be a balanced distribution of education resources, and constantly improve the quality of education. "" Some parents of school choice is blind, others go to private, will children be competitive disadvantage, so let the Kids try very hard, hard drive on this road to private schools. In fact, some people choose primary school does not mean that the poor quality of public schools. "City Board of education officials say, can no longer blindly take public school average scores and grade point averages than private schools, because private schools are selecting students, are enrolled in public school. "A lot of public schools, course setting is ideal for a child's needs, the quality of education is also very good. We have been perfecting the quality education resources sharing mechanism, running every home school, and parents can correct scientific evaluation of the quality of education in schools. ”

it is reported that Shanghai started last year "new quality schools project" a new interpretation of "good schools"--the definition of new quality schools, not scores as the sole criterion for evaluating score, but key to the internal needs of the students, meet students ' diverse development. 25 unveiled the first "new schools" are not pick students, there is no profound cultural accumulation of ordinary schools. Although most students enrolled in these schools is the accompanying children and the surrounding community enrolled children, but in the reform of teaching, student-oriented, constant exploration, education levels increased significantly. For example, special attention to three secondary schools lag behind "one-third" student, zhabei district experimental middle school arts ignite children's confidence, Shanghai East experimental school through cooperation between home and school to promote curriculum reform. Whether a change of values?

"private article"

parental concerns: online registration how to let children grow

recently on 2012 private "young rose small", and "small rose early" of post active in this city the big parental Forum Shang, which most parents are on new deal of implementation said understanding and recognized, but also blunt this leads has new of problem, face as of online application form, has hand number Zhang various race certificate of students how reflected himself of "different", after all these certificate of get regardless of on students I also is parents for, are pay has many time and money.

in this regard, many private schools in Shanghai said, the school will arrange the different links in the interview to understand the students ' situation, combined with online application forms to final admission.

President: admission without competition a certificate

private Pearl high school principal Zhang Junming said school enrollment will not see such competition a certificate because competition a certificate on the market, many of them non-diploma education institutions in order to make money out of, will only add to the burden of students, to improve students ' ability for special help. Take the star test has just been canceled, even got a star certificate, nor the ability of children's English, the school's admissions interview met the students get a certificate, but speaking is very general. Zhang Junming said, filled with various math competitions in the market also is not good for children. "Math is taught skills to help children to develop mathematical thinking, for pupils, mathematical foundations on which is important to cultivate logical thinking ability, rather than playing skills. "He suggested that competition can be carried out in elementary and high school, but not elementary, the education sector should be market regulation to ban pupil-oriented competitions currently on the market.

expert advice: call for early admissions system introduced

a expert who has long been engaged in private elementary and secondary education said every non-government schools has its right to choose a source, but in choosing students faced a lot of obstacles on the way, mainly due to the absence of a complete and feasible policies.

the experts suggested, whether the Education Department can take several schools in the city, recruitment pilot project, the conditions are ripe, then these effective and operational experience in the private schools of the city.