Survey says nearly one-fourth parents think that children must be on knowledge class

Washington (Coke Reed journalist Gong Yu) 92.5% kindergarten in Shanghai do not offer classes; most of the parents of the kindergarten baojiao ideas and values more correctly, but some parents believe that "kids can't lose on the starting line, you must participate in the intellectual classes." It was recently released by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai "kindergarten one day baojiao quality customized research" findings.

2011 2 ~ May, Shanghai City Board in city range within by nature, and grade extraction 200 by kindergarten, organization 100 bit experts on children, and Director, and teachers, and nurse, and parents, more than 7,000 more people for full research, from "kindergarten within held of interest class", and "children job of number and specific content", and "teachers on parents subject of needs of attitude" three aspects to study kindergarten of primary school of, and subject of problem.

surveys, kindergarten in Shanghai can focus on baojiao work better in resisting the tendency of subject, primary, but discipline an individual private kindergartens and primary schools. In a kindergarten in Shanghai, only 7.5% the kindergarten has the nature of interest classes, public kindergarten nature interest classes 1.8%, 19.7% per cent private.

research points out that most of the parents of the kindergarten baojiao ideas and values more correctly, but there are almost 1/4 parents think that "children can't afford to lose on the starting line, you must participate in the intellectual classes." Response to such demand, many private gardens in the classes involved on pinyin, English, mathematics, arithmetic, literacy, primary school, the subject is quite prominent.

surveys also show that public, parents don't want to Park private kindergartens set up teaching ratios were 79.8% and 66.4%, and the identity of parents respectively 15.7% and 27%.

However, the survey also showed that while only 17.1% of public kindergarten parents said their kids to classes organized within the Park, but another 71.1% public kindergarten parents said children attended classes organized by the Community institutions. Even in private kindergartens, there are 31.5% of parents allow their kids to Community bodies to organize interest classes, 49.6% other parents let their children attend kindergartens where interest classes.

by type of children to attend classes, the largest painting, 22.2%; in addition, English, fine arts, arts classes, such as 20.5%, mathematical and thinking training classes at 21.6%.

survey results also showed that kindergarten children home homework is more common. 70% per cent of the kindergartens give children 1~2 times a week job. Ratio of public kindergarten teachers assigned homework in the city 79%, private 78.7%.

teacher teaching preschool, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission researcher Huang Chiung-piao, kindergarten homework most of the content is to let the child go home to collect some information, such as collecting "plants of spring", "autumn fruits", "numbers on the road", "family members of the occupation" and so on, with differences on the job have the nature of a primary school. Kindergarten homework assigned on children's interests and habits, hands-on practice and innovation ability development and mission awareness, planning, is responsible for fostering positive long term value.

in addition, according to a Shanghai kindergarten baojiao quality survey, run by three levels of kindergarten there are many problems. Such as the standard amount is an average of 30 students per class in kindergarten class, but privately-run three-level kindergarten reached 38.9 people and baojiao quality and public kindergartens there are significant differences. In the garden at the Shanghai non-governmental levels, averaging 4~5 a class with two taps, washing hands long lines common for children. More individual private three level Park, children share two toilets throughout the Park, more than 200 severely affect the lives of children's basic needs.

according to the survey, run by three levels of kindergarten children's behavior, cognitive thinking, expression is not very good. Cause run by three levels of kindergarten children's behavior is not ideal is probably children's family environment and effects of adult behavior.