Tianjin Hebei district primary school teachers and students "love" for new term

On February 13, Tianjin all elementary school children said goodbye to the Lunar New Year holiday entered the campus, bringing in the new semester.

that morning, and central primary school, Hebei district held a special ceremony, with 15 classes over more than 400 students and teachers in the school participated in the "love a donation • drop by drop the OASIS" fundraiser, donation boxes in front of a loving, smiling, sound words, were surviving by the chill of early spring is particularly warm.

Tianjin City, Tianjin municipal women's Federation may Wang, Minister for children, online parent school, the municipal women's Federation, UNICEF, Hebei District Education Bureau relevant leaders attended the event. The launching ceremony, Tianjin municipal women's Federation and children may Wang, Minister of "love one-Yuan donation" campaign introduced calling for persons from all walks of life love help, poverty relief, helping difficult families tackle their pressing needs of single parents and to participate in the activities of the leadership, through activities give teachers and students expressed his gratitude.

activities, central primary school, Hebei district leaders said the first day of the new term, "love one-Yuan donation" campaign through the initiative of the pioneer battalion, to all members of the school, advocate for students training for poverty relief, giving the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, called on the teachers and students "with both hands, giving love" and actively participate in compassion donation activity, helping the unfortunate people out of trouble.

"love a Yuan donated • drop meeting OASIS" activities is by China Women Development Foundation, and Tianjin City FMC, and city women children Development Foundation, and Tianjin mobile company common launched of, aimed at to society advocate "drip love, brings together love" of public charity concept, through directly contributions donation, and bank remittance, and mobile phone SMS donation, way raised funds, to rescue single Pro-difficult mother family.