Come tell you how high school student for the Spring Festival

Spring Festival has not been finished, the majority of senior high students were nervous to study for a test, then, how you spend your new year, how to spend the last spring festival high school and the college entrance examination? Let someone who has told you how Spring Festival.

high school winter holidays at the beginning to the end of a round of review (end of February)

1, if the school holidays (Chinese new year) for more than 10 days, you can consider taking a class.

2, purposefully leak compensation practice and recommends that the choice of 53 exercises too difficult question not only 12th asked for mid-range simple questions and challenges.

with plans to do a physical exam or practice exercises, entitled integrated with questions and last term are very different.

3, don't forget to keep to the schedule.

4, Spring Festival is not for you, you in the three days of the Spring Festival (the last second day of the lunar new year) only entertainment is a full eight hours of sleep a day.

5, keep reading, two daily; the word back, two pages a day, reviewing a week; some English writing in the back of the classic patterns, learn to talk.

6, keep a real classical Chinese function words, one for every day insist on reciting from memory, one every two days; study of outstanding compositions.

7, mathematics, chemistry, biology wrong topic to understand, until the next time I see the problem you will be reminded of their problem-solving ideas so far.

8, three o'clock high, but take the time to go to bed, can not eat lunch, used to sleep after eating a hamburger cookies or something;

can NAP within half an hour before dinner; best not earlier than 12:30 sleep at night, at about 1 or so.

morning around 6:30 as well (used to come home the night before sleep, slept till the next morning learning students).