Composition in the exams for how to effectively use various types of material

The old saying goes, belly cargo, eat and drink pretty. For writing, the most frightening thing is not available in the belly, no material, and material without the use of the same. When some students use the materials, either a word for Word copy; or confute; point or the free theme, far-fetched; feel free to adapt and make hard; or at arm's length, did not grasp the essence. These all affect the performance of the article. Materials used well, would add luster to articles. How to use, but pay attention to methods and techniques. Following combined for composition in the exams, and describes some common materials:  

material selection of material in order to achieve a particular purpose. Due to the restricted by various factors, material selection and use has become the bottleneck of students ' writing ability. Throughout 2010 for composition in the exams, some of the best on the composition of the examination room in the choice of material, or nature, or think about, or explore the philosophy, or focus on the self, making the whole article open, informative and shows air. However, there are some exam essay on the selection of material, or narrow, single or material, or material obsolete, that would affect the composition of the score.

How to use composition material?

one, Syria, discussion, description, expressing, flat in new

using narrative, argumentative, descriptive and lyrical expression and other narrative examples would make the article's language is filled with appealing, and resonate, which bring to the fore. For example:

when the snow and haze in the Moon rises in the West when annihilation in the vicissitudes of the past, his persistent pursuit paving the way into the journey of life. As feudal and dictatorial with ferocious face hanging over the entire sky, everything is quiet, as depressing as a dead Lake. In all the confusion, he is still awake, in jail he endured torture, chains whip every part of his body, kept the chains wrapped around his freedom. However, he always believes that: where there is hope the pain will become happy, a vision in place, hell becomes heaven! He dragged the residual bodies, marching shoes at Bush sought, and finally let "in heaven and Earth, through both ancient and modern, just" records of the historian turned out. He laughed, his actions revealed the hypocritical veil of history, let the truth in writing out of the nightlife!

adversity, Sima Qian's correct attitude, scream out of the historical Forte!

Sima Qian's life were written by students, though very old, but the students use a variety of expressions to write, but makes it sensitive to Sima Qian, a common practice, checking heart is touched, thus he got high marks.

Second, the positive and negative contrast and rich content

refer to typical examples of positive and negative phase contrast comparison can enrich the content of the article, to deepen the subject of the article. Because, if the article is written throughout the two instances of the same type, will make this very simple, very boring, nothing new at all. For example:

glory, and eventually became the myth

in 2010, the movie avatar not only created the $ 2.5 billion at the box office miracles, also conquered the world-not only great changes on the United States, had a major impact in the world. Its Director, Cameron, it was 12 years ago to one of the Titanic, who set the world. Today, he once again worked wonders. After the great success of Titanic, Cameron did not "Hermitage Garden"; on the contrary, he had 12 years of time to gather strength, in order to achieve a greater degree of transcendence. When interviewed, Mr Cameron said: he loves the profession of Director, later in the day he will take more energy to film industry. In front of Cameron, who after the success of "unknown" person has indeed eclipsed. Cameron out of the brilliant, won the women's team title, with their own practical action to our interpretation of the scale the heights of faith in humanity.

enjoy comfort, due to mediocre

he had been subjected to countless people to worship, has also been known as "legends in the field of the invention." Many of his inventions changed the world profoundly. Early years of his fame, watching families entering the housing and watched pedestrians as cars on the road, he would smile. Because, there are his results. However, engage in their own achievements of Edison, later never invented a thing. Some say he was older, in his later years. But I want to say is, Zoran proud he can because what proud and step back, please? If successful people indulging in enjoy life, life will become increasingly mediocre.

the student is using positive and negative examples demonstrate "in front of score, can't stop, to scale the heights" theme, and positive and negative examples are typically innovative and convincing, so it got high marks because of the thorough analysis.

third, detail, structured

reference case, "strange" typical examples of detailed written gives fresh feeling of common wrote several stories together and formed a parallel will enhance emotional expression, detail combined will make the article content well arranged, give a pleasant feeling. For example:

I have marveled at the blind girl Wu Jingjing's courage. And light out of her at an early age, when this is difficult and father away. From then on, she began a remarkable journey: learning Braille, and studied at the Nanjing foreign language University recruited class. In combat again and again failed, she became leader by virtue of his perseverance. Later, United States 6 elite sent her admission. She's just a blind girl, has created impressive miracles. Was the failure in the past today is rise in glory!

I also appreciate that Li Bai's "Cleave, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea" dependance I admire Edison failed more than 1000 times do not give up after I praise the people of disaster areas after the disaster to endure the grief and rebuild their homes.

frustrated in the face, life will be good!

above text detail combined with, for example, very level, make this change shows ups and downs, if you write two or three similar cases in detail, then a single stereotype, no sense of freshness.

four, suspense, to attract readers

examples demonstrate third-person narrative can be used, until finally showed that the identities of the characters. It would attract reading teacher reading, and then the opportunity to get extra points. For example:

his 5 year old father, 14 drop out; at the age of 16, he lied about his age to join the army, but the back; at the age of 18, his daughter-in-law and sold his possessions and fled. He managed a tire, sold insurance, ferry worked, worked as a hotel man ... ... Be over the Hill, he found nothing. The age of 65, he uses his own life first insurance – $ 105, set up his own business. 88 years old, he founded KFC has been known throughout the world.

he is-halunde·Shan Sanders, founder of Kentucky Fried chicken!

This is a student in the test method described in examples of suspense. Described in such a way so that the highlight of his compositions appear out of the ordinary, are getting high marks.

all in all, importance of high school composition material choice, and put them in our writing.