Entrance examination of some basic techniques

Standardized tests in college entrance examination in the required test coverage, more problems, better distinction investigated basic knowledge at the same time, pay attention to the investigation, making papers more difficult. How to give full play to their level, even for a limited time Super level of play? In addition to the normal accumulation of knowledge, psychological factors, such as, master some basic skills are also an important method of exam success code.  

now be summarized as follows, for reference:

go through the whole volume, buckled. After I got my papers, don't be in a rush to write write, but before the formal answer the volume go through it again, understanding paper weight, type of questions, and the content of the exam, questions of difficulty and score of each question and be aware of, buckled. For title, quantity, item type, a new, topic papers, also to pay attention to this.

careful examining, kouti answer. For each question, in particular questions. First, comprehensive and correct understanding meaning, figure out the topic scope of requirements and solutions, it is important, and get an answer, so that it does not answer the question. Some candidates do not pay attention carefully to examine the topic in the past, the result is not veering too far away, is the general answer no focusing, causing errors.

easy to difficult, easy answers. Various papers listed in each type of question is basically arranged from easy to difficult. Answer within the time specified, in General, problem-solving on a first easy to difficult, from simple to complex order. If avoidance is hard, biting problem is not only time consuming even on the easy answer of a question of, can also cause intense psychological state, disrupting ideas and procedures. Past some candidates just to eat the loss, to your volume, the problem did not gnaw through, easy questions are completed, this should be a lesson to remember.

stay firm, Lectra's problem. The so-called problem, generally refers to more integrated, more questions. But no matter how difficult it is not beyond the scope of secondary school, always permeated the study of concepts, principles, theorems and laws, formulas, and other basics. So, should have the confidence to overcome challenges, and must not be in front of the problem backwards. Solutions can be used in two ways: one is the Association method, through the relevant knowledge and past practice of Association, were used to derive by analogy; the second is heuristic, namely using multiple methods of thinking from a different perspective try to solve, open, find the correct answer.

every minute of the meticulous, contested. Score is an important basis for admissions, a difference of one point will tend to lose qualifying. Therefore, candidates must be meticulous, serious answer, answer each question each compete, strive to get full marks. The answer to each question, to do correctly, clearly, and write neatly, even a punctuation mark or sloppy. Answers to difficult problems encountered, carefully analyzing and thinking, will ask, can derive a few steps to do a few steps. Questions to score less, serious answer, try to score. Entire keep making neat, clear, otherwise it will cause unnecessary points.

carefully, fill gaps and mistakes. In order to avoid mistakes, after all responses, do not rush to finish, as long as time permits, paper a problem a problem check step by step validation. Must check for leakage problems, is to the point, there is no clerical error, there is a leak repair, any mistake will be corrected, and strive to answer the content and even the punctuation, symbols, text, chart is accurate.

separately to highlight here is a multiple-choice examination.

multiple choice answers score by guess possibilities we call opportunity, this opportunity is equal for everyone. As four selected a type, answered this select problem to first see topics description in the whether has answer wrong upside down points of provides, if no, dang encountered cannot certainly elected right answers of topics Shi, do don't gave up guess answers of opportunities, first with excluded method excluded can confirmed of interference items, if can excluded two a, remaining two items certainly has a right answers, again free selected which a items, this on means with you right of probability for 50%, if gave up on is equal to gave up has this 50% of scored opportunities. Even if an interference cannot be ruled out is still not giving up, choose one of four options, rate of scoring opportunities were still 25%, if each candidate on their own not sure topics to guess right, the opportunities are equal for everyone, remains fair for all candidates in the exam.

If the question is answered incorrectly in the notes question upside down to the provision of, for a subject of interference cannot be ruled out, don't guess selected, flip's formula is based on the principle of probability derived from, then guess selected scoring opportunities and points of equality of opportunity. However, if you exclude one or two distractors, and the remaining options to guess selected when scoring opportunities than lose opportunities.

multiple-selection multiple choice questions can guess the answer, please? This topic there are two ways of scoring points and multivalued scored two, but are required to choose the correct answer to all or any part, and there is no mistake jamming scored, zero otherwise. Such a problem guess I selected the right opportunity is very small, it does not encourage candidates to guess selected, could not be established except for the option not to choose, or may be superfluous.