Gao Sanzhong significantly mentioned minute study tips

High three o'clock just last year, Xiao June score is only moderate, after a 31 year of review, June finally admitted to the Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine with 590 points results; the same thing happened in the little spirit body, from the beginning of the level over more than 400 to the Sun Yat-sen University. Third year was a year of consolidation and improvement, it turns out, if we can find the right way, sustained effort, students in the third year has the potential to be tapped.

average partial section

"average-common phenomena leaning branch, like many arts students are weak in math, and many science students of Chinese or English will drag on. "16 middle and high grade prefects Liang Xiaomin said.

47 Arts teacher in grade three Zhong Guo Hua in senior three students are divided into three types: hard work, impetuous and intellectual type. "Working summary of the students time to think less impetuous type is characterized by the lack of implementation and not a constant force; intelligence is characterized by the ability to comprehend a strong and steady enough. "He also pointed out that the reflection after the students ' hard work should pay attention to practice and master problem-solving law; the impetuous type students should pay attention to the lectures, do your homework carefully and timely summary; intelligence is solid foundation and to grasp the law, avoid" capabilities ".

first round of review to supplement the weak

Zhong Guo hua says, and students to improve their performance, "first of all to establish the correct policy, and that is ' single-subject is not high, balancing the spirit. "Liang Xiaomin stressed that reviewing a solid foundation in the first round at the same time, students spend more time on weak branches," after each test, combined with the papers, analyze their weak points of knowledge, and lead to weak knowledge module, found, will try to take the time to improve. ”

"on the basis of a solid, first grab the trunk and focus, which accounted for 80% scores in the entrance examination, has little difficulty, students are able to master. To outline familiar with each test, be aware. "Zhong Guo Hua said.

arts and Sciences, systematising the knowledge base to understand and use. Liang Xiaomin believes that students should pay attention to the construction of knowledge networks, especially for Science review, "students do not have to wait for the teacher network in the second round of review, had better start building now by himself. ”

in strict accordance with the schedule review

Liang Xiaomin pointed out that students learn the general scheme, it is recommended that students schedule and strictly according to the plan. "For example, to set aside some time to do my homework every day, time allocation of sections, and so on. In addition, take at least two hours a day as free time, consolidate their weak branches or summing-up. Weekend should also take the time to review our last week's study. ”

apart from my study plan, Zhong Guo Hua suggested that students should first develop a comprehensive review plan, comprehensive grasp the various disciplines of the time schedule to perfect, to allow for unforeseen circumstances.

"students should take the initiative and find a teacher communication, your teacher's understanding of all aspects of your situation, assignments, exam papers you can find opportunities to teachers. "Liang Xiaomin said," too many students, the teacher is hard to take the initiative to take care of each and every, so students must take the initiative, you find a teacher, no teacher will reject you, students have some ability to learn, teacher inspiration often can progress quickly. ”


more, you can make up for the insufficiency of the basis

small spirit   Wah year when more than 400 more than three rush to the top 100, and passed over more than 10. This year Sun Yat-sen University.

high three o'clock, my Foundation solid enough impact review. But through high school, I found that as long as we expend more energy and time base can be made up.

in reviewing arrangements, first of all, you want to keep up with the rhythm of the teacher, but also on its own adjustment. Then, keep a regular learning and schedule, arranged for various time periods what specifically do to prevent inefficiency or waste time; again, to make use of spare time, such as after getting up to go to school before and after lunch to take a lunch break before and after school and before dinner, you can get to do the reading and reciting English, Chinese. Keep, very good! Be sure to do a good job on Sunday, arrangements for major review projects, such as review reviews the content for a week, a week of mistakes, put them. Recommendations to school study, learning environment, and have opportunity to ask the teacher questions, talk, etc.

on the review methods, have any questions be sure to ask the teacher, including learning methods, test content, test pattern, test taking skills, and so on, be sure to use a good teacher resource! Teachers can not only answer the questions, you can also find your knowledge gaps, help you with knowledge transfer connections. Ask the teacher, the teacher will have a better impression of you, sometimes you even more attractive. Attaching importance to each quiz, collate and analyze our mistakes in a timely manner.

because mathematical foundations are relatively poor, I took math classes, I will cram course copied down the wrong topic, do a thorough analysis; note the teacher's methods, such as the methods of calculating the formula of general term note, with relevant examples, look at these notes before the final exams, memory. Later I let basis points.

efforts are not effective immediately, if the efforts of a period of time, results were poor, may wish to talk to teachers, to gradually develop and adjust and believe there must be improved.

effort made no progress? Cry again

June   three o'clock high 47 regular classes in middle grades, 470 points in one mould, college entrance examination this year of 590 points. Student at Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine.

experience of conclusion of senior note, I think we can plan ahead, listen, don't know to ask is very important.

third, my daily, weekly, and monthly basis a study plan, are paying attention to lectures, according to teacher, read books reinforce the Foundation. My English is very poor, always hovering on the pass line, after high school, I find an English teacher for help, the teacher told me to insist that every word back, do a certain amount of exercise, the exercise is not done to answer, but to find out what each question, do the right issues to review. I by three always insist on doing these two things, on their way to and from school every day to listen to English words, also carry a word book, unfamiliar words immediately opened, and a deeper impression. College entrance exams in my English exam, 118 minutes, feel high 31-year efforts were not in vain.

I focus on collecting the wrong topic. Not simply copied the wrong questions in the notebook, but write a detailed summary of the comments and their. After school, I would ask the teacher or classmates, the students the strength of different, are complementary.

personally think that high note, attitude is very important, be sure to lift achievement as a usual thing. I often tell myself that this time difference, well next time, even if the next exam, it does not matter, as long as no exam has the college entrance examination. But sometimes psychological suggestion will fail, at this time, I'd choose to cry or do the things they like, such as spending two hours watching their favorite TV show, completely relax and adjust the mood in the inputs to the review.