Guide to learning English learning English life

English is a language arts, avoid rote memorization, study for the examination, and should try to study it, find ways to learn English and have fun in life. Many celebrities past and present a summary of reading methods. I appreciate the most is his "reading method on the three" met Tung and "reading over more than three." The so-called "three up" means immediately, on a pillow, on the toilet; the so-called "more than three" refers to "the winter, but also nights, while rain and months while". Advise people to read these two approaches should make good use of odd time to read, can read, read fully to life. Think about it, if we can use the "three laws" and "more than three" method to learn a foreign language, and learn it well?  

"third law" immediately (on the horse), also refers to the road don't forget to study. We also can go stand in English, learn English, English. Example: see a public service ad "smoking is hazardous to health", you can put it into "Smoking will do you harm. "; Saw two people talking on the road, you can ask yourself in English:" What are they talking about ? "; Meet two children playing football in the street, you will think:" Two boys are playing football in the street. "Pillow (in the sleep), is when you're sleeping, or in English:" What have I done today ? ","How many new words have I learned? "On the toilet (in the rest room), don't forgot to learn English or go to the bathroom. At this point, you may think, in English of "bathroom" there were several expressions of the term? So you think of the following expressions: ① toilet second rest room; third WC:men "s room,women" s room; ④ lavatory; II wash- room, and so on. "More than three" summed up in sporadic time to read how to use everything. We can learn a foreign language if sporadic time to use up all available can also learn a lot of things. Practice is that copy of phrases and sentences to remember in small notes, carrying, use of leisure, and others, bus, walking and other sporadic time to remember, repeated silently or aloud. Contents of the note can be varied.  

came across something new if you want to read words or sentences that are meaningful, such as He has firmly established himself as a world-famous psychologist . (He has firmly established himself as a world famous psychologist position. ) In order to better understand the phrase in the sentence establish oneself as ... (To become ... ... ), You can cite many similar examples, such as follows: She has firmly established herself as a famous writer. ②She has firmly established herself as the richest lady in this country. For a while. And if be kept busy with this commonly used phrase, can be recorded by such sentences. As follows: Mary is kept quite busy with the large restaurant she is managing. ②She has been kept busy with all her business relations. In addition, if you want to remember some of the more common usage of the phrase, you can write them on a piece of paper, using sporadic time to remember. Up the word in a phrase:  look up a Word (dictionary); call SB. Up (call);  pick up sth. (Put away); put up with SB. (Tolerance); catch up with SB. (Catch), and so on.  

alternatively to something encountered while reading the wonderful sentence. For example:  Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. (Willing heart, nothing is impossible. );Youth is not a time of life ;it is a state of mind ;it is not a matter of  rosy cheeks ,red lips and supple knees ;it is a matter of the will ,a quality of  the imagination, vigor of the emotions ; it is the freshness of the deep springs of  life. (It is not a time of life, it is a State of mind; it also rosy cheeks, red lips and supple bones, it is a strong will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of emotion; it is the fountain of life has a long history of the evergreen tree. )