High school chemistry from the recommendations for the review of

Three students faced of actual is review content more, and time tight, and three chemical knowledge is "more, and fan, and miscellaneous, and bulk" of features, new courses Xia entrance chemical questions of design highlight and production, and life, and technology close practice of field, more focused on test students on knowledge of deep understanding and using related knowledge integrated analysis solution problem of capacity, and logic reasoning capacity, and absorption integration processing information of capacity. If the student-directed learning ability, cannot fully understand, comprehend these chemical knowledge, how can we have the ability to analyze and solve chemistry problems? Through practice of reform in recent years--independent review of ways to generate knowledge of the students of senior three main line, can effectively improve the review of benefits.  

learning entrance description generate a part of the framework objectives:  

according to the description of college entrance examination, for some part of content requirements, framework and objectives set the part of the learner. Such as redox section, understanding and mastering the concept on the basis of the unity of opposites, antibody formation concept networks as follows:  

oxidant oxidation → → e → makes restore the → → → reduction reduction product  

reducing agent reducing → → loss of electronic oxidation oxidation → → → → price increases oxidation products of  

applying these concepts to solve relevant problems naturally clear.  

independent thinking step by step from the integrated one by one, from single to build knowledge:  

any knowledge learning and skill formation experience from less to more, from the simple to the complex process of learning if they can follow the scientific method and comb, not only reduces the burden of learning but also to more targeted and effective solution to the problem, also to related issues and problem-solving skills to better develop and extend. Like on ion coexistence problem, first from based knowledge analysis not coexistence of reasons, is easy antibody out six species common of not coexistence factors: 1, and generated difficult dissolved real 2, and generated gas 3, and generated difficult ionization real  4, and occurred oxidation restore reaction 5, and generated complexes 6, and occurred double hydrolysis reaction, and this based Shang again gradually for transform angle to divergent and extends thinking for NO3-and Fe2+ in any conditions Xia are cannot coexistence did? In a solution of phenolphthalein turn red, S2-, K+, SO32-whether coexistence? Problem when conditions are dry and how to cope? Redox and coexistence of various factors and what realistic priorities, and so on, to make their own thinking for further consideration on the basis of the original, thought, and knowledge has been extended and expanded, this becomes very simple.  

scientization, regularization and timely reflection of error reason thinking method:  

not only often to on do on of topics for reflection summary, more to regular to on do wrong of topics for reflection wrong for, seriously lessons of while on concept, and principle, and law for analysis and expand using, enhanced himself independent thinking of logic, and profundity, and flexibility, and effect degrees sex and open, gradually to will generated more effective of thinking method and independent solution problem of capacity.  

in short, the high school students ' self-learning has irreplaceable advantages, not only helps to improve academic achievement, and is the Foundation for lifelong learning and lifelong development of individuals to improve learning effectiveness of senior chemistry has a very positive meaning.