High school students before college entrance examination should be prepared

College entrance examination which should be prepared. Psychological regulation plays an important role to improve academic achievement. 11 aspects, this paper describes how to prepare before college entrance examination: a correct understanding; understanding entrance; learn leisure; increasing physical activity; self-adjustment; self motivation to ensure adequate sleep; establish a successful self-image; reasonable match meals may wish to take a good laugh before a test; attitude adjustment, the examiner.

a correct understanding of the self

a correct understanding of the self, we will not be underestimating their lost opportunity, nor overestimate yourself in trouble. Exams, students on their learning ability, have a correct understanding and set more realistic goals for yourself. In which areas should be fully aware of their not doing enough and muster the courage, confidence, overcome the self. Usually mock exams are not the ideal candidates to identify shortcomings and weaknesses from the mock exams, check short of trapping in a targeted manner, rather than discouraged. In fact, the college entrance exam is to test students practical ability and level of knowledge of the last "gate", as long as the normal play, topics are made to do, and will make their own success.

Second, a correct understanding of the college entrance examination

set reasonable goals to understand college entrance examination, help us to review pertinent. Is a hierarchical screening exams of college entrance examination, the purpose of which is to filter for different level students and send them to different levels of different levels and different types of colleges and universities for learning. Therefore, the examination has a certain distinction, in General, basic and mid-range questions scores more, less high difficulty score. Some students to overestimate examination difficulty, too, strange, difficult questions, such as played on results ignored the basics of mastering, small problem does not work in the exam, topics do not.  

according to the characteristics of the college entrance examination, students must pay close attention to basic knowledge and skills on the one hand, and on this basis, appropriate to increase the volume and difficulty of exercises, so that "the status quo"; according to their usual academic achievements and on the other to review the situation, establishing a rational examination of the target. Some students get high marks when you always want to be on the college entrance examination, his "perfect score" too high, artificially creates its own psychological tensions. Examination is ultimately to rely on their own strength and success is by no means happened to be, and therefore must be in the entrance examination to determine reasonable goals, and not blindly put their test scores so high.

third, the efforts to study, learning and leisure

intense, heavy review inevitably sometimes makes people nervous, mental depression, in which case the best books to wander outdoors temporarily lost, fruitful, and listen to the cicadas and birds, being in the embrace of nature, so as to achieve the objective of adjusting tension.

four, increasing physical activity, optimistic mood

United Kingdom educator David brisbin that "a healthy personality in a sound body", only the healthy will ensure that mental health. There is a lot of mental stress, depression through exercise, sweat, spirit is much easier. Scientific research shows that some breathing exercises, such as walking, jogging, swimming and so on, can make the person more confident and energetic. Because these activities are relaxing the body, eliminating stress and anxiety emotions. So busy learning must take enough time for exercise, best according to their physical condition and objective conditions to develop an exercise plan, you must have a strong and healthy body.

five, learning to adapt

should be to achieve a calm before a test. To balance the mental, you should learn to adjust their mental approach. Learn some psychology, master some psychological adjustment method, it is good. Here are two of the most simple method of psychological adjustment. First, learn to deep relaxation. As often in the exam conducted such exercises: the case of deeply relaxing the body, imagining exam stress situation. First appears the weakest situation, repeated, we will work out any stress situation or the entire exam process will no longer experience the tension and anxiety. Second, learn positive self-talk. Autosuggestion is himself an idea suggested to yourself. Suggests a strong mental orientation and guide potential motives. Through self-suggestion can regulate their mood, emotions, feelings, love, the will and the ability to play a very active role. Facing tension before the exam room, repeatedly warned his "calm, calm", in which the role of self-suggestion down thoughts will eliminate to eliminate anxiety and relax.

here introduces a simple method for students ' reference. (1) the suggestion. Suggestion refers to language or non-verbal gestures, facial expressions and other means, to transfer and to change one's negative emotions a kind of psychological treatment. Lack of confidence is an important cause of test anxiety, and before the test should imply that they have confidence and believe in your ability, you can try to do a good job. Test yourself out loud before saying: "I will be a success, I am the best." (2) method of relaxation training. Relaxation training is through the so-called rotation contracted or relaxed skeletal muscle, careful experience personal muscle bear in pine level, end up the personal stress and anxiety of a self-training method. During times of relaxation, can loosen any tight-fitting clothing, easy to sit in an armchair, his arms and hands flat on the arm of the couch, the legs natural reach, head and upper body relaxed and leaned back, eyes closed. Relaxation as a whole in accordance with the principles from the bottom, muscle relaxation from toes--foot muscle relaxation--thigh muscles relax--hip muscles--abdominal muscles relax--chest muscles to relax--the back muscles--muscles relax the shoulder muscles relax--arm--the neck muscles relax--head muscles relax. Relaxation Essentials is to make the muscle tension, keep the tension for about 10 seconds, then slowly relax. (3) the breathing. Breathing is to make yourself calm down to, eliminate thoughts of a self-regulation approach. Relax, we close your eyes, breathe using abdominal breathing slowly, breathing in, imagining pubes this gas gradually rose from the abdomen to the brain, and then rose to head until the head of "Baihui"; when you exhale, imagine this gas from "Baihui" down along the neck, spine down until back to the pubic region. This one, again and again, repeatedly. Due to focus all the attention, it enables man to gradually eliminate all distractions, before the effects of tension and relaxation.