How to use modern literary reading in reading

Entrance to read formally divided into modern reading and reading, it should be said, there is a very big difference, test points are also focused on the college entrance examination, but it was from reading the two have many similarities. Modern students are familiar with knowledge, the student has a wealth of reading practice and thus easier to accept. Classical style far from the students ' lives, especially of ancient Chinese language barrier, making reading difficulties in preparing the first need to break through the language barrier in ancient Chinese and ancient Chinese to middle school students ' second language, reading comprehension difficult. If you can boot from the comparison of the two staff, enable students to master the methods of reading the literature correctly, should be a good idea.

this paper will be discussed from this point and try to read the rules to guide the ancient understanding. General form of classical Chinese test were five objective multiple choice questions and two statements subjective expression of the translation problem. Multiple-choice questions on the first three questions are character, Word, sentence comprehension, the latter two questions is a grasp of the main content and the main idea. Whether it's accurate understanding of words, phrases, Xun, also is to grasp the main content of the article and the main idea, first of all to grasp the text main content, understand the main idea of the text. Thus read the first step should be to concentrate on classical Chinese reading 1-2 again, to gain access to the text content of the initial overall impression. Require filtering of narrative style with the main characters and major events, and the backgrounds, characters and events in context, especially causality requires special attention. Then, based on the overall perception, first cut from the final two choices of people, because in the end a matter of choice is the understanding of meaning the comprehensive test, and second question is usually the protagonist's character and character information, true or false, examine the ability to filter information.

for example: 08-two die in the West

Yin Sizhen, Jing Zhao Chang an people. Landmark order, adjusting long joined the army. Is Yi hao Beaufort AO establishments wrongful State XI SI-Ching, lined their raped and stolen tens of thousands, died on the death, said Qing, stone sighed song. Ex-Ming Tang, with smell of good governance. Pull out less supervision in the House. Calibration of turbulent Prefectural Governor. The Khitan Sun Wanrong, shuofang shocked, think virginity through the territory, alone without disturbance. Dragon early pull out Dali Qing. Yong Wei Yue people will be Sasha think regicide, chopping, SI-Ching to months solid playing is not, is a rod, flow South. Think twice about irony Division by the addition of killing, and solid, while commoners Li Chengjia think twice, with him as he thought of virginity, may not pass. SI-Ching that day: "as the Emperor of law enforcement, is good at weifu, slow. Gross bad traitor, this sensitivity, what debate? " Answer: "rock non-, or statement. Relies on the right to insult me, do not insult, do not know how to. "Governing State record. Silkworm to the aged medium, dismisses Zhi Lu Jing Qian to, sigh: "is good governance by Andrew!" Table too.

Rui Li, called grant will make a great Carpenter, Tin Shui County. Servants view injection Dou Huaizhen protecting as Jinxian and Yuzhen, wide adjustable, think Fiona lossy. Fiona, answered: "the public, assisted the Minister, not Xuan Zan hua, and civil engineering is, to damage on the next, then heard the villain to electrocute to court in disgrace, this is not public. "Fu clothing, closed the door to crime. Know, Dahir. Zhen Zhu, while commoners worship, tired moving part book. Retirement, Xu Zhi. Thought of virginity before and after the provincial Governor 13 counties, its governance is to clear the smell. (Taken from the new book of Tang).

Note: months: (spring) germination growing months.

6. add some words of explanation in the following statement, a is incorrect

a. State XI thought Fiona press: review. B. think irony kill Division by the addition of irony: derision; C. relies on the right to insult my bullies: relied on; d. make: blaming.

7. add some words in the following set of statements, have the same meaning and usage of a group is

a. lining their raped and stolen tens of thousands; B. for one law enforcement, is good at weifu his anger, afraid to sacrifice will make Chang an Grand for a mass, is out; C. not Xuan Zan hua, and civil engineering is; d. politics are clear smell grieve over the tomb of the Apostle has also to remember, not bribery to win loss.

8. is to fill out the text in parentheses in the following statement, fill out meaning of the statement is not to be subject to criticism of the

a. the person, and (hence) Ode to stone; B. staff (Wei Yue) stream South; C. He SI-Ching, (Kerry) to Qingzhou, Governor; d. knew, Dahir ()

9. the following statements into four groups, all able to that Yin Sizhen adhere to just one group

① thought Fiona through Fu territory, alone no rejection; II thought Fiona to party occurred months, solid played not; ③ slow Gazette degrees, gross attached traitor figure bad, this will except loyal to since Zi evil; II is good political to Cheung   between; (section h shot Dou Huaizhen nursing for Jinxian, and Yuzhen views, wide adjustable husband Carpenter, thought Fiona number lossy section; ⑥ is brushed clothing to, closed door stay crime.

A.①③④; B.②⑤⑥;c②④⑤;D.①③⑥

10. the understanding and analysis of the following, do not meet the meaning of which was

a. Yin Sizhen official dared to punish wrongful despotic Beaufort. People in extraordinary times can take steps to settle after party; B, ordered beheaded denounced three against Wei Yue, Wei Yue will be dead; c, Sasha think directed against Wei Yue, Yin Sizhen peak controversy, rebuke to help Sasha think Li Chengjia retribution for evil; d. Yin Sizhen ultra-strict Dou Huaizhen Hing civil please, abuse of power, the Emperor, thus being held awaiting conviction.

the main characters is Yin Sizhen, punish Yi hao Beaufort; served as prefectural macrobrachium, biogas from the scourge; protect served as Dali Qing Wei Yue; exiled Qingzhou, Governor, and State; as a master artisan cuts will be made against the building. Yin Sizhen was able to keep the quality of Justice. In the 10th and 9 questions on the basis of 6 questions investigated "satirizing" correctly interpreted, it could determine that the "ironic" is definitely wrong.

to sum up, reading ancient poems should establish a consciousness, that it has its own characteristics and has many similarities with reading modern literature, summed up in a modern reading law, characteristics, methods of effectively migrating to a poetry reading has a good role in the improving the teaching of ancient poetry and prose.

suggestions: first, poetry, and prose either, how to guide the students ' reading, problem-solving skills in conjunction with teaching cases, and concludes on the basis of law, for example. Second, from the topic should remobilization of the following issues: ① what is modern reading second how to migrate to the classical Chinese reading, is teaching you how to do this. This part is key.