Knowing can progress, teaches you how to organize the wrong topic set

In every test, students will have a lot of problems wrong, at the back of these mistakes, is often generated by knowledge learning knowledge gaps. So how do you make up these loopholes? Finishing the "wrong title set" are the best measures to address this problem. This article describes how to organize "wrong title set", the reference to the students to learn.  

the familiar "wrong title set" there are three kinds of:  is revised, all doing the wrong topic titles are copied and revised; the second is total, all the wrong topics in a textbook chapter order sorting; the third is correct, why the error is all wrong title by sorting.

  introduced a new type of "wrong title set"-flyer-wrong title set, the finishing steps as follows:

1  sort. Will all of wrong problem classification finishing, distinguish errors of reasons: concept fuzzy class, and careless class, and attending class, and figure type class, and skills class, and new concept class, and mathematics thought class and so on, and will the problem indicate belongs to a a chapter a a section, such classification of advantages is both can by wrong for find, and can by the chapters easy wrong knowledge points find, to future of review brings simple, addition also simplified has "wrong problem set", finishing Shi same type problem can only records typical of problem, does not necessarily each wrong problem are remember.

2  recording method. Teacher test paper evaluation when you speak, should pay attention to the teacher on the error analysis of the explanations, introduced the question of language, problem-solving entrance, breakthrough methods, problem-solving skills, standardize procedures and summaries, and so on. Side comment in the wrong topic to write their own thinking when solving process, exposing their root cause of thinking and analysis. Description of this method may be more difficult at the beginning, or can't write, don't force yourself, summary of the initial stage to write in their own language, summed it up more, nature experience, began to recognize the various chapters in the way of thinking (mistake).

3  necessary supplement. Earlier work is only the beginning, the most important work in the back of the "wrong title set" in the wrong topic, not necessarily said revised perfectly, it confirms that you have this knowledge of the vulnerability has to make up for the. For each error, or textbooks must also find information, identify the same or related questions and answers. If there are no difficulties, illustrate this point, you may already have, and if that does not resolve, then also for treatment of this issue a bit further. Because in the next test, in this issue, you may have to make the same mistake.

4  error adaptation. The difficulty of this work, experienced students can do more to solve problems smoothly. Because each question is the teacher made up, since the teacher could create, we, as students, of course, to be able to learn how to, this is the best way to close knowledge gaps. Initially, students only need to subject conditions do change.

5  loose-leaf binding. "Wrong title set" according to his style, numbered pages, stapled, as each page is not fixed, it can also replace or supplement every time you check out. In finishing wrong problem set Shi, must to has perseverance and perseverance, cannot for completed job and high showy, finishing Shi don't care time of how many, for related errors knowledge points of finishing and summary, although work complex, but its role never just is understand has a wrong problem is how solution so simple, more important of is through finishing "wrong problem set", you will learned how learn Mathematics, and how research mathematics, master which knowledge points in future of learning in the will made errors, real do "eat a experience".

a good "wrong title set" is the problem code of their own knowledge gaps, usually pay attention to time and summary in mathematics review "wrong title set" is your most important review material, must look at the initial review, from time to time can be lengthened a little later, can play a very good review ... Although the each student's "wrong title set" varies, but the other students "wrong title set" the advantage of learning, so students usually pay attention to communication with each other.