Language proficiency required to review three strategies recommended

1. Refresh, find deficiencies. Through the exams again and again to temper, every student, all have a basic estimate. Near occasion of the college entrance examination, candidates should be close to a few months of special and comprehensive exercises out in time to consolidate to digest, found deficiencies and see for yourself which parts are not fully understood, focusing on reviewing their often part, be targeted. While control of the exam instructions, check yourself where there is lack of knowledge, which in less than. Found to make up for their deficiencies immediately, to make up for the way individual intensive training, recalling similar college entrance examination in recent years, and then we'll make some similar questions in the latest mock papers, sought to have a multiplier effect.

2. the target changes, the main thermal (difficult). Specifically, there are four forts, or "correct use of punctuation" and "proper use of the idiom", "appreciation on ancient poems subjective questions" and "classical Chinese translation is subjective", captured the four fortresses, laid the basics of Chinese college entrance half of the plate. Classical Chinese and ancient poetry appreciation is the perennial problem of most candidates, the last phase to concentrate firepower attack. Nearly ten years of all biographical articles are superstitions, advocating science, to be honest, diligent, maintaining unity, or celebrating some kind of noble moral character, and so on, therefore, to choose the classical style, background knowledge they accumulate. Only truly understand classical Chinese, infer notional words in classical Chinese culture in a specific context, the ability to form words, familiar with the propositions set interference techniques, good to answer questions.

3. activate memory, strengthen the memory. Many candidates has remember diary and wrote essays of good habits, more has many candidates 3 years to excerpts has large paper quality furniture better of beauty paper, these are is very valuable of exam resources, in Pro test Qian to will these "memory" activate, and activated, "wonderment", search available of writing material, to looking for can funding innovation of opportunity, can reference of fresh of material. "Right General remember modern Chinese Mandarin of pronunciation", and "right General remember modern Chinese Mandarin of glyphs", and "right using words (including idiom)", and "reciting famous famous", test centers, these General memory of content is most candidates test Qian scored of growth, candidates in last one months in the as long as daily insisted extrusion moment Bell of time, highlight focus, classification memory, especially famous, must to remember associate, and remember, special note which easy wrote wrong of homonym Word..