Prescribe and teach you science brains to prevent fatigue study

Currently, school of learning task relative Yu part children for is somewhat heavy, especially high school stage, and some parents in children learning zhiyu will its into other class or please family teachers counselling, even sometimes also in children family job of based Shang additional increased part job, certainly parents this wangzichengcai eager of mood is understandable of, but, many children is will because heavy of learning task produced learning fatigue, often playing "tired war", often up not to by expects of learning effect. As the child's parents should properly deal with this phenomenon, so that children using scientific methods to learn.

fatigue is the child after learning continuous emergence of a physiological and psychological state, their performance was: slow the brain, head numbness or pain, distraction, slow thinking, depressed or irritable, have no interest in anything. Learning learning fatigue and chronic fatigue fatigue has a temporary nature in two ways. Temporary fatigue can be eliminated by resting, sleeping, chronic fatigue need to make greater efforts, if measures are not taken in a timely manner, develop will be very unfair to the child.

causes of fatigue more, mainly due to the following aspects:

first, the study burden. The reason school teachers here, the reason some parents. Some teachers teaching problems, not according to the sector of requires homework, instead of "tihaizhanshu", so that children struggling to cope with. While some parents comes from wangzichengcai, and also cengcengjiama the child, let the children in addition to homework, added some exercises, or for children at weekends, a class and a class that "better than not at all."

Second, the rigid learning methods, lack of good study habits. Some children only know by rote, Tiger, don't really mind. A long learning time, exceeds the limits of brain power. Often "the midnight oil" inefficient, DAWDLE too long, causing lack of sleep, brain without adequate rest, easy to form a vicious circle, affect learning.

third, the lack of interest in learning. For a section or even certain families are not interested in learning, class does not want to hear, the job doesn't like to do, but have to finish my homework and had to bite the bullet and do, causing both physical fatigue and mental fatigue caused. Not happy at all.

the four, brain malnutrition. Mental activity is higher nervous activity, must ensure that the nutrients, protein, vitamins and plenty of oxygen is essential. Even if you eat high protein, lying on the table too long, breathing shallow, oxygen is in short supply, will make the brain fatigue.

understand the reasons for fatigue, just the right remedy.

, parents give their children to reduce learning burden. Now the implementation of quality-oriented education will be gradually cut down excessive study burden, parents should actively cooperate with themselves first of all not to give the overweight. Enrolled in various classes should be few, not let children have no time to rest, recreation and play.

Second, spark interest in learning, develop good study habits. First, regardless of cultivating students ' interest, and develop good study habits, must be gradual, sustained should not be so anxious; the second is consent of the teacher's help, schools work to parents alone is not enough.

third, head of science, work and rest. A study time should not be too long, just like schools schedule recess break, in the middle of doing my homework a break. Learn how long the right, depending on each child's case may be, but must be spaced learning, 10-15-minute interval. Should also take an active rest, participating in minor sports activities, such as brisk walking, take a deep breath, do sections such as gymnastics, chest, or listen to a song, sang two songs, reciting a poem, etc.

four, proper nutrition and sleep. Most families economy is not a problem, but how proper nutrition are many parents don't notice.

in short, to overcome fatigue problems, parents need to master to study, particularly in brain health awareness and to communicate with their children about the truth, let the children understand science use common sense and take feasible measures. Some children have chronic fatigue, be positive to solve, but should not be so anxious.