Third review the main points: master the exam paper changes and features

2012 online quiz tests will continue, which requires students to be fully prepared to face the new paper format. In the review, students also have to consciously make the training as skilled use of the answer sheet, familiar with the corresponding item type, structure, and so on.

existing tests in Shanghai not only test students in junior achievement, but also bears with school enrolment at the high level requirements of selecting functions. Mathematics is concerned, I think students who want to prepare for the next stage, you should do the following things.

preparing research

exams in 2007, the most obvious change is the increased graphics, sheet of paper (a total of 25 questions) graphics up to 12. This shows that student gets information from the graphics, with the idea of combining numbers with shapes the ability to analyze and solve problems is the increasing demand. This is consistent with phase II curriculum's "student development-oriented" philosophy. Similarly, the familiar to the student life or social focus as a backdrop, around mathematical knowledge to solve practical problems for students to experience the "student activation" exam also has a tendency to increase.

Dual pad as a solid foundation

in review first, we should first sort out knowledge structure, strengthen the dual training. Each point has a corresponding concepts and mathematical ideas, summarize and systematize them, can make itself clear, through the comparison of different knowledge to deepen understanding and grasp of mathematical concepts, prepare for further review.

basic knowledge and basic skills is fundamental to mathematics. After the completion of knowledge structure of combs, in principle, follow "--is why-how to do" steps in understanding the mathematical concepts based on knowledge development process, understand the ways and means of solving problems. Many questions are derived from textbooks, so we must base the teaching material in the review, analysis and examples focus on the solution process, attention to knowledge structure reorganization and generalization.

Tim focused on reflection on the effectiveness

through the dual training, consciously improve the operational ability and logical reasoning skills, mastery of the basic methods of solving problems, and the formation of mathematical thinking. But jumped into "the sea" compared to problem solving, reflection on students after review more effective. Here to reflect on refers to deep thinking of their own problem-solving activities, not only refers to the General review of the problem-solving activities or repeated, but to get to the bottom of which the knowledge, methods, ideas, policies, and more. Students can review during the process of problem-solving is what basic knowledge, methods and mathematical methods, what steps when solving the problem-prone, whether there are other methods, the problem where, how to break through, in solving problems yourself what ... Reflection can overcome their problem-solving errors committed, play a multiplier role in the review.

reducing stress increases confidence

ready to test is also very important. As the candidates themselves, you should first set a goal for myself, believe their efforts will be able to achieve the desired objectives. Second is to learn to self regulate emotion, whenever the mood when, through sports or chat with family and friends to overcome the depressed, relieve pressure. Every day smiling to himself shouting: "I can, I can!" Is a great way to boost confidence. As a parent, to communicate and the child in time, attention should be paid to child care and moderation in expectations, excessive care and expectations will influence the child's note emotions.