Your winter holiday who call the shots? Scientific arrangement of coincidence "supplements"

Winter break is coming to an end, kids is how to manage and utilize their winter holiday tutorial? Kids winter holiday, usually busy parents can't hold, finally get a small holiday with kids, but I do not know how to arrange it. According to tradition, winter holidays in addition to relatives with kids, let the children enjoy eat outside, many parents also arranged additional extra-curricular tutoring, children are always full by parents. "How to let your child spend a meaningful vacation? "It became a popular topic of concern among parents. Parents Spring Festival holiday is over, children's winter continued, reporters for asking you how children around the winter holiday!

the childhood stage


good time to grasp the teaching by precept and example

1 "at the end of last year, her 90-year old mother fell! Chinese new year holiday, we hurry up with her mother-in-law, baby, zhoukou back home to visit with the elderly. 90 year old grandma curled up in bed, sometimes sober, sometimes confused. Sleepy all day, don't want to eat and drink. Mother-in-law to ask Grandma wants to eat something, she later tuck Tuck, while her wash, cut nails, dung asked the urine, is very hard. "Ms Chen said.

the children return to the countryside at the beginning of the two-and-half, large yard, family, and children run wild ponies, mouth singing "little rabbit obediently, open door", funny dog, little lamb, a big mouthful of Sweet Potato porridge...... "have fun at the kids than in Zhengzhou, obviously much better appetite. We took the kids shopping, reading picture books, homeopathy also instill some folk knowledge, for example, why are Chinese new year firecrackers, why do new year's scrolls, how to, how to say auspicious words ... ... "

celestial home, Chen blew up a pot of wild small carp, cool when the son came along and grabbed one to eat, then picked up a chunk of the husband to sleep in the bedroom, gathers up the bedside and shouted "Dad, give! ”

"at that moment, I was stunned, little more than two years, when so sensible? He is not the way, whenever he liked or did not like something, who would have to go. At lunch, I deliberately pointed at his son in front of a pair of chopsticks, so he handed me a pair, the little guy was quickly handed me. Feed him water when I found him after his drink, I have to get Grandma to drink ... ... I replay in his mind the son of progress, in his understanding, may not have ' elders ' and the concept of consciousness and son show the sensible behavior, probably in imitation of Grandma taking care of my mom's meticulous and deeply in love. "Chen says," winter time with elders and children will get longer, may wish to take the words and deeds of good timing. ”


timely rescue "problem children"

2 his 4 years old son, Peng cheng, Lee, he shouted a headache. "Children in kindergarten used to be popular, and now do not know how, suddenly big temper, kindergartens did not want to go, what's not working out on the family took turns playing it again, like what you have to, if not to Sapo, roll on the floor, or occasion! Throughout the winter of ' House ' at home, do not want to go out, go out people. "This year, Lee took his son back home for the new year, finally found his son" mutations "cause.

as head of marketing Lee usually very busy with work, every other day on a business trip is routine, son weekday is taken care of by her parents. "Grandparents of the effects of today's spoiled, two old men taking care of children the principles of just can't let the children cry, when the child is not eating, chasing coax fed, what they want, as long as the elderly people can be reached, it will be the first time to put things into children's hands. Family can moment his mind, but people don't, so the children do not go out and peers to play right now! "Ms Lee said.

about to eat dinner, Peng Cheng are clamoring to make and eat biscuits and chocolate. She don't want to influence their son because before eating a snack to eat dinner, and it is estimated that child hunger, said to the son, if he was able to finish your dinner, gave him two pieces of biscuits.

"Indeed, the children crying and can play a role. However, as a mother, if the child is crying, give him what he wanted, or do something to soothe him, this would encourage bad behavior. Therefore, the best strategy is to take a deep breath, and said to his entanglement ' no '. Parents want to do everything to make the children happy, but as parents, our attitudes and standards will impact on children who can be a difference between right and wrong, so I had to do some children don't want to accept the decision. "Lee said that in order for children to have a more meaningful holiday, she decided her son 24 hours" tied "together to correct his bad habits and wrong.

primary school


annual rest and relaxation

1 "our children more weekday tutoring, new year wanted to let the child rest more, after all, ' six ' students, again in a few months is to face cruel admission test. "Who lives in Zhongyuan district of Zhengzhou road, Zhang said," years ago, two sisters 2 dance classes on calligraphy, 2 section, 1 zither lessons, English classes for a week upon Lunar 28 break down. Children in early February to go back to school, there are ten days time, want their children to adjust the schedule, nutritional supplements. ”

course stopped, under the guidance of parents, zhumadian, auspicious and two sisters returned to the home to relatives. Winter holiday arrangements for parents, two sisters were very satisfied: "the holidays should be comfortable, sleep late, and playing with children of the same age. "Mother, sisters and children of the same age in his hometown fun. "After all, was brought up in a different environment, more exchanges are good for children. ”

free time, women would take the children to see 3D animation movie, to the Botanical Garden nature.


course full free

on Zhongyuan District 2 primary five Wenwen winter vacation was pretty nervous. "Now just like any normal school schedule, at 7 o'clock every morning, except for homework, listening to English, there's dad added arrangement of English words and practice writing. ”

Wenwen said two days except for new year's Eve and new year's day break, she's always been parents "keeping a tight". "Freedoms are not, when I was studying and playing the piano, and parents around there, I think the winter holidays than school, school and kids play, there was a big break, although the mother can accompany me, but will not play the game, and with a straight face, is also happy with my classmates! ”

middle school


middle school winter colorful

1 "I like small animals, but I have class at ordinary times, dad and MOM to work, so the family didn't have any small animals. Fortunately last summer I accidentally picked up a yellow cat, then I will be with it every day, summer vacation, I was more happy, more special. But rarely have the opportunity to take after the school play with cat, the cat seems strange to me. Luckily winter came, I have to cats and more deep feelings! "The 12 years old girl Huang Yifei said.

"in the winter, it is necessary to accomplish its mandated tasks on time, but at the same time to do the rest, and exercising regularly. When I finish a day's work, I will first do 10 minutes of eye exercises, then watch TV, I like to watch science and education channel, which can also be on top of the rest, to expand their knowledge. I want to be with my family out of town to visit beautiful scenery, learn about different cultures, enrich their lives, to relax your mind and body. I also bought several extracurricular classics in English-Chinese translation, improving English reading ability but also to improve literacy. "Liu Runhao, 14, said.


high tension order of winter vacation

2 in the senior Liu yan in a provincial school in Zhengzhou, in their winter vacation has been planned before the holidays. "Because it is a special ' preparing for ' period, so the parents time to me as their relatives rest. Soon the new semester is about to begin, already tight going into the second round of review, so in winter vacation about 10 days of vacation, I refer to last year's syllabus, combing through knowledge to see if you have not reviewed. Review this term to sort, organize and do questions. ”

Liu said that when tired, he would choose to help your parents do some housework. "Good weather in the afternoon, also carrying a basketball into the family practice shooting and running. ”

Liu's father said: "children are reasonable for holiday schedule, know how to adjust the rhythm. Especially the Spring Festival holiday interludes, we ask children to grasp in both routine and diet, avoid black and white, don't let good spring festival disrupted the pace of life. ”