Basic instructions

(1) the user must provide detailed, accurate, and real personal information, and constantly updated. Fill out all the negative consequences caused by the false information shall be borne by the user. If false, incomplete, does not recognize the registration information, staff members of the company have the right to delete user information, reserves the right to cancel user use network services for the.

(2) provide users with a free registration service, after the user has successfully registered, please complete the form tutors and tutoring information, within 24 hours we will review the information and publishing. And service coordination set by our website to request tutoring.

(3) basic information to students, faculty make certain to verify, by teachers during their teaching of all security issues and the dispute has nothing to do with the company.

(4) the teacher should carefully consider the situation before the tutor, as the subject of counselling, time, experience, salary and personal exam schedule will affect the normal teaching.

(5) faculty members should abide by the professional ethics, patient teaching, tidy, and role models, good relationships with students, parents.

(6) after you register as company instructors, should respect the rules and regulations, shall not damage the company's image, if found, right to request teacher compensation for the damage caused by the company and to hold teachers responsible.

(7) the territories are responsible for contact and schedule the class and instructors and locations. Teachers need to change a personal instruction, you should explain the reasons to the company ahead of two days, the company sent substitute other instructors.

(8) teachers should be careful preparation, punctual, and care to students, broken promises, making full use of teaching time.

(8) services provided by Faculty: middle school, high school and primary school subjects tutoring, college entrance examination, self-study examination (English, Chinese, mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, politics, music, art, computer, etc).