And communication is important


experts suggest that parents should give their children an equal exchange space; children to communicate with their parents as much as possible

"why words and your parents say? "" Said White also said, unable to communicate! "Parents and children how to communicate in a field before the lecture, said a child told reporters. While parents have the same feeling, most children do not want to talk to them.

real cases

son mother peep diaries angered

obviously the first two days of this year, usually do not love to talk to MOM, the worried mother. No way, MOM can only reading his diary about his son's situation. Obviously angry after it was discovered, and mother, but there is no evidence.

at last he had an idea, in his diary wrote an article about her works, saying how hard my mother how great and MOM white hair clip saved in journal. Mother, is very touching, but found no arm hair, lost thought, quickly picked up a root in it. It's great, white hair that just when Wallace, found evidence of mother peep diaries, which obviously MOM can be fooled.

field investigation

most children don't trust parents

child and adolescent psychologist in mental hospital in Changchun City in Jilin province, Li Zhi library parents and children how to communicate between seminars. Reporters at the talks before the start of the investigation, parents and children will write something on the paper, that is, what do parents want their children, children who select communication objects. The result is written by parents want their children to succeed, good health. In the presence of more than more than 20 children, only one person wrote a wish to communicate with their parents, leaving all selected words and friends said.

Ling ling is the presence of a high school student, she says some words can't and parents say, because after the finish, not only fail to solve, will sometimes have a negative effect. In this regard, Li Zhi said psychological experts, adolescent thought development was close to adults and parents if they really want to know the child and to communicate with them, we must give them a space to think, let the children speak to say, be sure not to refute. In order to really play a role.

experts recommend

communicating in the proper way and their children

Li Zhi said that parents care about their children was very correct, but aggressive way offensive to the children. Parents should, through proper channels, and their children, and something much better and most of their children and parents, after all the experience and experience of parents can give direction to the children. Parents communicate with their children and not to instill learning is good idea, will not use comparisons to other children, and their children, be sure to encourage them, do not belittle their children at every turn, and to encourage them to communicate with the opposite sex, which is conducive to the growth and development of young people.