Children born on hypocrisy is the exclusion of


young babe, pure "eye" can not tolerate the slightest bit "gritty", advocating the ideal they despise hypocrisy, at this age they hate, and idealism. Their parents ' "deeds", "disingenuous" repugnant in their hypocrisy. Parents should be timely and appropriate treatment of children to parent view, or is likely to have a direct impact on emotional communication between parents and children.

children's "hypocrisy" nature of exclusion, is an unusual and valuable quality. First of all, we should not accuse them of "dull", and should endeavour not to hurt them this "pure", do not let them catch society prematurely "miasma". If they prematurely "vexations", too realistic, they will have as adults may become full of mocking the world. Second, we should acknowledge that his "false" behavior, sincere explanation had to be "false" causes.


Wang Ping is a third year student, recently with a female classmate to go very close. Wang Ping's mother feel uneasy. She is not worried about his son to fall in love, but not wrong. Her visits to his son, "drizzle", even bluntly addressed the case of improper households without families adversely. Wang Ping is very sensitive to this, interference with the mother is especially unhappy with. Following a period of dialogue is Wang Ping after female student had just left the Royal:

"MOM! Why do you ignore Zhao? Causing you embarrassment. People from out of town? You don't have to look down on others! ”

"MOM is for you. Zhao is a nice girl, but she is not we the people of Shanghai, it is said that his family was not particularly good, and we are not equal. ”

"improper households do not make friends anymore? They came to Shanghai and didn't know anyone, I do not want to help her? "Wang Ping bombarded," said University Professor you! Last time you advise your class of students make friends, don't focus on the family, to see the character. Now turn to your own son, you have a 180 degree turn, didn't know you teach people enough of hypocrisy. ”

Wang Ping's mother son remarks that I really do not know how to answer.


* accepted his criticism, encouraging children to help new students.

* we are all to some extent there is a false sense of reality.


accepted his criticism, encouraging children to help new students:


* as a high school student can do so one argument made by the mother, a professor at the University, even make MOM say, also showed that mother-child communication is based. How to deepen the exchanges? Wang Ping mother accepted his criticism. Even say a bit harsh, but to the point, point out the key. Dialogue can be continued in the case:

① "son is now quite well, you're right, your contacts with Zhao's MOM is some unnecessary worry, does a little hypocritical. My mother to apologize. ”

② "mother is very glad you can help new students, hope you will stick to it. "

③ "MOM, how fast you go, is indeed as a professor. "Son might harshly respond to MOM, MOM it can be said:" do not you go faster? After a few months you have to leave home to go to College, and I didn't want my son to hold prejudices against mother to go to College. ”

prescription er

* Wang Ping's mother can be aware of our own shortcomings, worthy of our parents. Children and sometimes adults, "teacher", their "sincere", many adults have lost in the social work. Once the child pointed out that the question, we have to overcome chronic disease, get rid of any old ideas, to children recognized cognitive bias. Meanwhile, we have to explain to children, help children to understand the anguish of parents:

1. Special care for children because their parents, which leads to excessive worry.

2. the mother experiences more than children, not child follow in the predecessors ' footsteps.

3. we adults are more or less some old ideas, and read.

formula three

explain all of us to some extent there is a false sense of reality:

* after mutual trust restored, we also have the responsibility to let the child see society's harsh, to seriously face the reality. Poetry and fairy tales to our beautiful reverie, but all are not realistic:

1. the reality is cruel--we can't always live with candlelight dinners and laughter, sometimes sad and cry.

2. the reality is cruel--a bad decision comes at a price, and sometimes the price to rattle on for generations.

four prescription

* This is a discussed false and real-life opportunities for compromise and concession. Parents need to tan themselves how to keep their life principles in real life, are some examples. Each have their own way of life and principles, but in real life, their lifestyle and principles may collide. For the coordination of social progress and compromise some kind of balancing the interests of the individual to choose their own way. You can also change relations to explain the hypocrisy and compromise in the following ways:

1. not all people and I "in step", I can not always his will to live, sometimes also had to compromise in order to achieve the purpose of the method.

2. If not in my will to turn the Earth. This is my problem, not the things of the Earth.

3. when we compromise and compromise, will be familiar with their own people as hypocritical.