Eccentric and self-containment is sick


the morning of September 3, access Street, Nangang district in Harbin, 82nd in the courtyard, a 33 year old man "dog" was run over by a car can't drive, but from our own 6 floor, jumping, died. It is understood that the young men grew up isolated, isolation and severe, do not want to touch. 5 years ago, the family bought a small dog for him, since then, the dog becomes his only friend. Isolation, lack of interaction and communication with family and friends, will lead to him with the dog away.

isolation is an environment which is not morbid psychological phenomenon

isolation refers to the isolated itself from the outside world, little or no social activities, in addition to necessary working, studying, shopping, and locked himself in the House most of the time, not the people I associate with. Self-enclosed lonely without friends, even social activities, so it is an environment which is not morbid psychological phenomenon. Isolation has the following characteristics:

first, universal. All ages can produce. Children's TV claustrophobic, adolescent sexual shyness caused nervousness in fear of people, social, middle-aged social tired, older persons for "empty nest" and caused by the spouse's death closed mentality.

Second, the non-communication. Have a closed mentality unwilling to communicate with people, rarely speak to anyone, not to say, but fear or hate talking to people, which is a passive, which belongs to the initiative. They are only willing to talk to yourself, such as a diary, writing poetry to show ambition. Young man with the dog belongs to the category of persons with mental disorders.

third, evasive. Isolation behavior associated with the setbacks of life, some setbacks in life, his career and after combat, mentally depressed, become sensitive to surroundings and unacceptable, so avoided social behavior occurs.

isolation can lead to personality disorders and abnormal

closed mind is essentially a psychological defense mechanism. Personal life and often you might encounter some setbacks during the growing personal anxiety. Some people are less able to resist setback, making anxiety accumulate, he can only be to avoid isolation environment to reduce frustration. In addition, closed some bias there is a causal relationship between psychology and personality.

children, if the parents are too strict, children will not be able to build self confidence, stay at home and watch TV, rather than out. From teenagers, if he does not grasp some skills meant he failed to obtain a living confidence to enter a social role, he did not know what to do, how to get along with others. Thus, he would not have developed to work with people and the ability to close and others, and back to their own little world, don't have close exchanges with others, which appeared to be alone and isolated. From middle-aged people, if he is a "self interest" of people, who often do not associate with others. From the elderly, widowed or childless, and grandchildren away from yourself, is very easy to make bows for the elderly, was delirious, lost the confidence of living. All in all, isolation barriers individuals with normal social interaction, cognitive narrow, apathy, twisted, and may ultimately lead to personality disorders and abnormal.

low self-esteem is often the bane of youth buried

an inferiority complex is closed source, but also the bane of youth burial. Parents are their children's first teachers, and teacher and student guide and in the eyes of the authorities. Therefore, parents and teachers ' evaluation of children will have an enormous impact on children, especially derogatory evaluation: "too stupid", "head Goose", "waste", "ass", which might seriously hurt children's self-esteem so that he (she) of inferiority. Gradually spread, spread, resulting in wrong mind-set lead to interpersonal barriers and many behavioral problems, hamper learning, experience and interpersonal activities normally. Morbid psychological if not timely and proper treatment, can be harmful to life.

helping children overcome an inferiority complex, parents and teachers should be careful not to make any hasty or belittle their ability so as not to damage their self-esteem and self-confidence, and to give praise and encouragement. Children also have their own "I can do it," a belief, just right to yourself, is to sow confidence in own heart. Usually no matter what you do and no haste, the target should not be too big too high, otherwise it's easy to hit. You can break it up into smaller goals, so easy to win, but every success is an inspiration to myself, which helps to improve confidence. To be tolerant, open-minded in dealing with setbacks, and appropriate "attribution of frustration", which contributed to the setback to parse correctly, and then try to overcome them.

regularly drawn lonely State of mind affects normal development

low self-esteem is like the lonely twin sisters, have low self-esteem, could not escape the lonely gloom. When everyone is lonely, but lonely does not mean alone. Loneliness is the lack of understanding of everything around us, on the environment and the people around the lack of emotion and idea exchange. If a person is immersed in the lonely State of mind for a long time, intellectual development, emotional, language and other barriers.

If there is a closed mental phenomena, should go to the hospital in time to see the psychological clinic, find a doctor to have a chat, and self-mental adjustment.

, society attributed their success to their own, failed due to external factors, and don't care what other people say.

Second, raise awareness of social communication and the open, it is necessary to understand other people, and to let others know yourself, acknowledge their value in the social interaction, achieving goals in life, become living strong.

third, may wish to try attention diversion, will focus on self-energies into other things to ease the psychological pressure, such as calligraphy, painting, singing, piano, etc.

four, study skills, sincere and Frank towards others. Dare to socialize with others, listen to others ' opinions, and desire to become friends with anyone.

five, to setbacks in perspective, not because of one or two failures, denied all of this world, in fact the majority of people are very friendly and honest.