Good science as a tutor for the children of five-step


today, the tutor is not new to the child. However, there is no need to give their children private tutoring, tutors should pay attention to what issues, many parents hold inaccurate. Many parents, tutors are kind of blind conformity. Many parents said: "people are, they are not afraid of delaying a child and not let their children fall behind the others. ”

so, what kind of kid is suitable for private tutoring?

one or more missed a class, couldn't keep up with progress, or partial section, a subject so bad, and so on, then, should be given a tutor for their children.

Second, the poor academic performance of children. Because the students in the classroom are always too shy to ask, even mustered up the courage to ask questions, some teachers do not pay attention to ways and means, accused the students face to face, would undermine the students ' enthusiasm. Its a good tutor can not only explain their learned knowledge also helped him build confidence in learning.

third, some students in a subject better, in order to further improve, tutors for their children. A student named Alex, like English, grades are quite good. Her mother hired a female graduate, speaking with her once a week. Her interest in learning English more, English has a new improved.

tutors should not blindly, should pay attention to the following issues.

tutoring before seeking the views of children in school teacher, tutor after tutor should be timely communication with teachers so that teachers and tutors can truly understand the specific situation of children, so as to achieve unity between school and family education.

tutoring not only to understand the rich their knowledge, but also to find out if it has a loving and good quality.

tutors teach kids not only are teaching knowledge, and in effect form a child's character through their own words and deeds.

evaluation teaching quality cannot only look at children as a tutor, but should your child have not formed good habits of thinking and learning. "Teach a man to fish than teach him to fish. ”

undergraduate or graduate student tutor, because with children ages close, easier communication with their children.

but most college students tutor teaching system enough, does not understand the rules.

so, when in college students ' tutor, must seriously study, or it will backfire.

tutor best college graduation, subject knowledge and teaching experience of young teachers.

with children their age gap is small, intellectually active. Gender selection, primary male teachers as well.

in front of the majestic male teachers, the child's playful, Headstrong will converge, so as to concentrate on coaching.