How to promote communication with children


MS: high school son, more introverted personality, junior high was willing to communicate with me, but since he went to high school with what we want to say less and less, always texting, talking on the phone with his classmates. Confused is because the pressure of learning, or do we have any question on his attitude, I really do not know how to communicate with him.

expert analysis  learned from the conversation with Chen, she loved her children, conversations between father and son stayed in the life of care and concern for the material, these are shallow levels of communication. When son of interpersonal appear confused, parents pay not attention to his son's psychological feeling of recognition and guidance, just under pressure instead of learning to guide their actions, parents of children in here are not met, I felt only peers to recognize, understand, so put the focus on peer.

recommends parents attempts to from following several points do up  first, because is male children, so dad should active to participation Exchange, cannot have Shun its natural of idea, to with for more deep of heart communication  second, carefully observation, understand children of real by wants to, in and children communication Shi, cannot to adult of way stiff to replaced children more childish of idea  third, from children of thought in the to found some favourable of factors, give appropriate of guide, let children from communication in the both can get recognized and understanding, And to get the new harvest.


1. Starting from toddler wrestling, is established in the children's thinking and behavior patterns, "frustrated again Cheer → → → → cheer success" experience. Parents can give help on the way, but not taibaodalan, intensity and frequency depending on the child's age and personality characteristics.

2. Frustration education is also needed. Parents may wish to send their work, suffered setbacks in life have a choice about their child, let your children see and feel when faced with a setback a positive attitude and intelligent and aggressive behavior, and be able to learn from their parents behave in the face of setbacks, form example.

3. Let children feel their parents ' love for him. Through the diaries, gossip, let the child know the thoughts and feelings of parents. Will also allow parents of children involved in labour, work experience parenthood is not easy.

4. Time life education. Fighting disease by understanding the people around stories, understand the fragility of life and strong through family anniversary celebration, and actively participate in community activities such as charity feel the meaning of life, by great characters and side characters devotion to realize life value; through us close to nature experience the goodness of life.

5. To be good at observation and communication. Primary emotions exposed, well read, and secondary to emotional self-regulation and control there is an obvious lie and implicit. Parents should be good at observation and communication, children's feelings, help children in appropriate sports, music influences, and humor relieve themselves in an atmosphere of tension or vent quietly listening to kids, or let them talk in front of trusted family and friends.

6. Adjust the expectations and standards of benchmarking. Parents desire their children to become engineers, diplomats, artists, spared their children receive education, so that it can play a successful role in the community, the real aim is to help them have a happy life. Since our position is "happiness" is not to expect too much, too strict standards of children.

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