Middle School is a hotbed of breeding abnormal psychology


with the arrival of child and social competition becomes increasingly fierce, many high school students have mental confusion. Face of common psychological problems of middle school students, Deputy Director of Beijing friendship hospital psychological outpatient Department of Neurology doctor Bai Xiaoli said with emotion: "why are there so many young patients? What's wrong with them? "High school students who attempt suicide; afraid to tip of middle school students '; didn't look at the grade students; the fear of death high school student; high school male students in detention; secondary school students attempted suicide; less than brilliant student of the University; not interacting with people, University graduates unable to work ... ...

Bai said, in recent years in psychological clinic of middle school students in Beijing friendship hospital, psychological problems exist mainly in: 1. the pressure of learning. By psychological pressure. 2. the paranoid ideation, hostility. Find other credible, opinionated, somewhat stubborn. 3. interpersonal tensions. Always feel their own unfriendly. 4. depression. Displayed on the academic future, no hope for the future, mental distress and depression. 5. anxiety and restlessness. 6. adaptation. Don't adapt to the new environment and living, not used to teaching teachers; or don't like the activities of the school. 7. mood fluctuated very unstable. 8. mental imbalance. When others better than yourselves, or after obtaining the higher honor, always aggrieved. Among them, the perceived academic pressure, is the most serious psychological problems in middle school students.

exam-oriented education to increase the students ' mental stress. This is a cause of psychological problems of middle school students in China the main direct causes. Doctor Bai believes that to reduce the pressure of middle school students should first give enough attention to mental health education among middle school students. Put middle school students psychological health education set for current Middle school education of a items specifically courses; teachers and education workers, should put students of psychological health as full development education of important content to view, full awareness training sound of personality, and good of mood and adapted capacity on students learning activities, and master knowledge and skills of important role; put increasingly increased of middle school students of psychological obstacles problem with thought character be difference, used psychology of method and technology solution students increasingly increased of psychological troubled.

parents should give their children enough attention, give them plenty of freedom and democratic rights of the family. Parents should not only focus on development of child autonomy, also focuses on developing discipline and rules, and actively encourage children to exchange views on an equal footing. Rather than to impose their point of view and a code of conduct for the child. If you must exercise parental rights, should also explain the reason why you must do. This is very important to young people.

a sample survey shows, junior high school students there are hostile, aggressive behavior and 5.1%. Even more surprising is that some schools of teachers like the good kid, at home became the parents attacked the "little tyrants." Bai said the doctor about this, biologically speaking, children enter adolescence, as the body grows, fast secondary sex characteristics development, mental attacks increased. In addition, "little tyrants," parents tend to be indulgent to children. Incorrect family education constitutes the middle school students ' psychological problems and a direct cause.

these childlike high school student, why is there too much discipline, emotion and suppressed, even unexpected hurt or self-inflicted injury such unhealthy reaction? Experts believe the living environment has a great relationship with them. Not a harmonious living environment will leave indelible scars in the minds of children, and caused mental problems. Last century 90 's mainstream values is emphasized "personal value", so everyone creating their own. In which everyone in the "create" atmosphere, no standards, no templates, what to do and how to do it is a personal choice. So parents treat their children as they see best way. Those with idealism, and demanding parents often realize their child as a perfect machine, making children bear a lot of weight, "obliterate" happy children of their childhood, so that the child lived a life of law and order. When external demand is too strong, to harsh external standards of conduct, anxiety, compulsive behaviors and pressure will force the adolescents to alleviate anxiety.
Socio-political life events also have an impact in the hearts of children more or less, to say that there was disparity, some corrupt officials of these social issues are different shadow on children, thus affecting the development of mental health, which is a subtle process. Think, in the real world there are too many discordant, and middle school students ' personality is in the process of formation, still fragile, which withstand such a shock?

modern medicine increasingly shows that having a healthy mental, of a person's life has a very important significance, adolescence is a period prone to mental illness, is the incubation period of unhealthy behaviors. Due to the instability of the middle school students ' psychological state; cognitive structure of incomplete; differences between physiological maturity and mental maturity; the high reliance on social and family, so they have more anxiety than adults, suffer more setbacks, and thus more prone to psychological disorders. If temporary psychological problems cannot be ruled out, will have a bad reaction, is likely to affect the future of mental health development, even the seeds of future beyond any remedy of mental illness. So many psychologists believe that middle school is a hotbed of breed of mental abnormality.