Parents please mind your money from home


not long ago, a students ' parents come to visit told me, home of 1000 Yuan, 100 Yuan, "disappeared", parents suspected their daughter. But no matter how to enlighten and educate parents, their daughter was denied, even with death threats, take this to wash away her "clean hands". Good coincidence that, after a few days, another parent told me, his own son in the book with a hundred bills, and there is a note, said to him, take good care of the money, but no matter how his son refused to say where the money came from. Until I respectively, two classmates of the patient and meticulous education and assure them that, the last thing parents will go, will also give them to preserve confidentiality, the two students say the truth. It turned out that 100 Yuan to female students, in order to enable parents to come up with the evidence, he hid the money there. Moreover, the parents said, her parents and relatives is not the first time. In the usual education, I know a lot of such examples. I think this sort of thing occurs, but child did not obey moral education lacking, but there is an important reason, is what our parents did not pay attention to home and money management. It is understood that the money some parents house was casual, small change handy in the drawer, kids today to take a few corners, take a few tomorrow, parents simply do not know. Money has never been found, and emboldened, developed to dare to take several shijibai. According to my research, my class, admitted to ever take a parent, more than 40%, often as high as 30%, and most of the parents do not know, the results are striking.

parents should be aware that today's children are more sensitive to money, their psychological development is not yet mature, it is difficult to resist the temptation of money to them, especially when parents lose their children strong regulation, would be easy meat for the money "to start". Facts tell us that child's hand much more money, is not a good thing. Problem was money, the error committed because of money, loss of integrity due to money. Many students have "extra money", nothing more furtive playing games on the Internet, buy snacks, send birthday gifts to students, they develop good moral character and habits have a negative impact. Therefore, parents do pay attention to good home money, create a pure family environment for children. Meanwhile, schools at all levels should strengthen the students ' honesty and credit education, strengthen training students ' hard and simple good quality, promote the development of their physical and mental health.