Reminder: eight conditions for qualified tutors


what kind of person is a qualified tutor? Experts point out that is a qualified tutor should have 8 great condition:

1. people who love children.

2. forced to rest, prior notice of people, and people who come to the c class.

3. late, to explain why I was late, and as far as possible not to be late man.

4. If the school's homework cannot be solved when solution is not going to help, but asking similar questions answers to children, help children improve thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, rather than immediately children solve problems of people.

5. would like to invite him into the famous high school, he did not answer, but discuss it with the school director and then determine a goal, not ready to promise people.

6. can put himself to school or school of study, examination experience, all introduced to children, and to inspire children, arouse children's interest in learning, teach your child about learning people.

7. guidance neurotic, bad grades and people with inferiority complex of children; children answered Yes, immediately praise his enthusiastic people; in the study, and also to guide kids games, sport, increase self-confidence and mental health of the people.

8. If parents inadvertently say the school teacher is bad, and when the critical tone, he is in front of the child who does not participate in reviews.