Teenagers face "desertification" threat


A 15 year old boy with dreams of musicians committed suicide in Beijing, a group of college students in Liaoning province to steal just for "fun", middle school students in Zhejiang killed loved ones... ... Shocking incident, adolescent mental health issues raise serious concerns in China.

according to statistics, China's rate of mental problems in the family, national mental illness patients of about 16 million, one-third is in the pathogenesis of children, teens. Moreover, the youth mental health issues also are on the rise in recent years. A survey shows that the mid-80, 23% of China's College students have psychological barriers in recent years has risen to 30%.

experts believe that the problem of juvenile psychological disorders and trace it to its source and quality education issues. Health education Institute of China, experts say, China's education is not "student-centered", but to "curriculum" as the subject. High school students generally feel no pleasure, is passive and coerced. Meanwhile, schools and families paid less attention to students ' mental health or life skills training; the individual differences of students not to be taken seriously, according to difficult to implement; school education and demand a serious gap. In addition, the psychological pressures of society in the process of transition, induced by mental illness.

Medical Department of Peking University Professor Wang Debing pointed out that occurs in the students events is not caused solely by the school, in fact, is the education of the whole society, especially the psychological education and psychological health problems.

Although mental disorders diseases have ranked at the top in China, but it failed to attract enough attention to mental illness, sick do not even conceal still exists.

Psychiatry expert Professor Kong xiangquan said unilateral Chinese people's awareness of health still remain at the level of body parts with and without lesions, while ignoring the mental change. Currently in most people's minds, mental illness is still equated with schizophrenia. General disease, such as mental disorders, insomnia, and people realize there is no link with mental illness.

experts called for, as soon as possible to establish mental health management is imminent.

However, the psychology of only 2.4 workers per million population in China, which has a master's or doctoral degree under 2%. Both in quantity and quality, are far behind the social needs.

mental health directly affects social development efficiency and affect social stability. Experts believe that mental health throughout a person's life, the whole society should pay attention to the disease. Especially for young people, but also to strengthen the mental health education to enhance their ability to withstand frustration, overcome difficulties, so as to form a healthy personality.