The psychological characteristics of adolescent


strong independent intentions. With the increase of age, youth and society contacts, more and more, their desire for desire for independence also became increasingly intense. Parents and teachers should be directed to youth development of independent interest, respect their views correctly, what's the matter with them, gradually giving them more independence, also put forward higher requirements on them, help them to develop their independence, their independence.

strong curiosity and imitation. This state of mind so that young people are easily influenced by others, should know, understand, and concerns about youth concerns, train and recognize the benefits of youth, such as agile, sensitive to new, brave, passionate, energetic, positive, and so on. Parents and teachers to help them foster lofty ideals and cultivate a healthy psychological state, their physical and mental development, help them through puberty.

the confusion of sexual development. At puberty, human reproductive system began to develop quickly, which is its outstanding feature. But some teens about their sexual development and sexual maturation of physiological changes are often mysterious puzzle. Age of the parents and teachers according to their growth and development characteristics and the cultural background of timely, adequate and proper sex education, let them know to abide by social morality and sexual ethics. Sex education at the same time, attention should also improve the adverse external environment, arranging the lives of young people, legitimate activities to lead to, stimulate their healthy lifestyle.

Group idea closely. Adolescents often found in groups with a sense of security. They influence each other's words and deeds, hobby, dress, than to trust parents and teachers trust partners, they pour their inner secrets and troubles. Parents and teachers should be concerned about their friends and keen to discover problems, timely guidance.