Top students also have psychological disorders


in people's minds, can ascend into middle school students are excellent, and the middle school student is in college "seedling". Therefore, many people mistakenly believe that they are psychological and personality should be more sound than other students, so once they appeared "deviant" behavior, people will be amazed. In fact, top students are human beings, and each person's inner and outer world will be great conflicts and clashes, if there is no deal with these conflicts and clashes, most likely induced by psychological disorders.

student's psychological obstacles especially in the following areas:

conceited mentality focused on secondary school top students tend to be "favored at home, schools have been holding" students. In the past, most of them flat, riding high, rarely suffer setbacks frustrations. Thus, most of them defiantly. This arrogant mentality so that they always overestimate their abilities and often frustrated will occasionally fail a few times, started by self-admiration, narcissism, into self doubt and self hatred. When resentment minds to form pine, they'll hardly be positive self-evaluation, often by the extreme psychological into extreme inferiority.

anxiety and fear on the face of it, those top students have long been a key school praise, appreciated, and therefore, their heart must be filled with the joy of success. However, if read between the lines, we find, that's not what happened. In the fierce academic competition, top students have higher goals, but when the intended target when they failed to achieve is influenced by many factors, they strongly pride would be hurt. They're afraid of being looked down upon for fear that ranking goes down, causing social disorder and test-taking ability.

hostile jealousy honors high localization and role, so that they always try to remain "self-centered" situation, it's hard to tolerate other competitors, "first", and thus in the top group, jealousy is more prominent. Advantage of their competitors ' strengths and honors many disgruntled. Although moderate jealousy can inspire people to fight drive, but some people will go to extremes, out of jealousy and hatred, hatred of others and hate others. And hostility tends to make them attack an act of revenge on rivals to adopt unethical, such as the fabricated, malicious slander, and will even hurt others.

lock exclusive and some top students in order to keep his "first" throne, and little communication with other students. This psychological often locking and other students have a diaphragm, over time it will have a strong sense of solitude, and you will receive the loneliness the more the vicious circle of exclusion, makes the behavior more eccentricities and paranoia, a serious personality flaws, affect their growth.

four kinds of psychological barrier of the unhealthy psychology of student groups was highlighted, there is also suspicion, rigid, domination, and psychology. These mental disorders does not exist, most of them interacting, vicious circle. In different periods, different scenarios, some psychological barriers will become more prominent, and need parents and teachers to understand and ultimately help those top students out of the common mind mistakes as soon as possible.