Topic: narcissism is a brilliant or a helpless


In fact, everyone has more or less narcissistic tendencies--small enough to concentrate on a nail grooming, to love yourself and not fall in love with someone else. Everyone should love themselves, but love the fire danger. Narcissist appreciation and caring concern for myself, and expect to receive recognition or praise others, but because of the lack of peace and equality, the ability to communicate with others, so very tired.

diary is one of the manifestations of narcissism

apparently, the diary can record events and practice writing skills, but motivation level, it might be in order to meet the narcissism. There is a group of foreign cartoons--a girl one day, depicting a 22 year old girl one day experience: get up, mirror, dressing up, playing with a boy of similar age, the boy gave her a flower, kiss her, and then go home, diary, finally finished writing the journal sleep sweetly in a good mood. You can imagine, this little girl is so pleased with himself, day has proved how right it was to her satisfaction. This should of course be used with warm colors, and the journal down, so that you reread over and over to meet the narcissism.

If the journal is a book, then this book is usually only one reader-writer. Who take out the diary shows who is expanded their narcissism. However, pupils under pressure from teachers and parents, diary, has nothing to do with narcissism.

men and women who are more narcissistic

have a sense of humor: a person asked, rested on the mosquito on the mirror is a he or a she? Another answer: must be female. That conclusion is inferred with female characteristics, women like to look in the mirror is an indisputable fact. We can talk about the differences in men and women in the narcissistic. Some men and women who are more narcissistic? The problem seems to be hard to answer. Psychologists have done an experiment on roadsides have a large mirror, and then see who will take a photo. Psychologist experimental results surprised: more men than women like to look in the mirror! However, this experiment has loopholes, some would say, women took on before leaving several times the man groomed themselves, they no longer have to use the side of the mirror.

maybe men and women who are more narcissistic is one that could never obscure problems, but narcissism of differences in how men and women are present. Mirror is a woman's evidence of narcissism, and pursuit of higher authority, greater success is a typical manifestation of male narcissism.

narcissism is not a bad thing in General. Such as: artist in a certain degree of narcissism, sometimes not only is not a problem, it can actually increase their charisma. But moderation is important, narcissism is like cooking with salt, a little bland, it is difficult to import.

expansion of narcissism

narcissistic personality disorder is a personality disorder, one of the international mental disorders, diagnostic and Statistical Manual, third edition describes the character as smug, narcissistic personality. Its main features is: strongly of self-expression to and from others there get note and envy of wishes; has always self evaluation high, since thought talent outstanding, and capacity Maria, often not reality to exaggerated himself of results, tendencies Yu extreme of self focused; good produced sky of fantasy, content more is narcissism sex of, as fantasy himself achievements brilliant, honors and enjoy incoming; right to tendencies obviously, looks forward to others to himself to special of preference and care, unwilling to mutual bear responsibility, Rarely realized that its deprived sex is selfish of and arbitrary of; lack responsible, common conceit arrogance, and arrogant, and rhetoric and shuffle passed on, attitude to for himself of not responsible justified, ignored right of weight and self-esteem; in interpersonal contacts aspects, and others lack feelings Exchange, like advantage; in faced criticism and setbacks Shi, or performance out dismissed, or performance out strongly of anger, and humiliation or empty; easy to people caused a without care and cynicism of illusion, Actually care about other people's attention and praise to seek personal benefits by hook or by crook, would only enjoy, don't want to pay, and so on.
Narcissism is a widespread phenomenon in human nature, but meet the diagnostic criteria of narcissistic personality that only a very small number.

narcissism may also self-harm

on the surface, narcissistic personality disorder for their own physical and psychological benefits to consider, in fact, all his interests were undermined because of narcissism.

first, praise addiction is a symptom of narcissism, to receive praise, narcissist will avoid at all costs. Someone who risked their lives and get "the world who doesn't know you" profile, which made it to the opposite of narcissism--self-destruction, self-abuse.

Second, narcissism is a non-rational force Narcissists, I can't control it, so will never get peace of mind, always invisible, whip, just run straight, instead of a palpable reality goal.

third, the narcissist will subconsciously know that always gets praise from others is out of the question, so he automatically qualify the scope of their activities, by avoiding any possible external factors of injury and narcissistic.

Finally, in his dealings with others, narcissist because of his selfish behavior and losing what mattered most to him--from a compliment, it was a devastating blow to him, and you can put it into the pursuit – failed – more strongly pursue---the vicious cycle of failure. Narcissists tend to be depressed, why here.

in addition, narcissistic and sometimes unreasonable, even uncomfortable ways. Narcissists are often excessively concerned with his health, always question any instrument he has checked out of a disease, even if I think this is absurd or out of concern and anxiety all day long.