Tutoring 12 common problems


1, what kids need tutor

answer: parents as their children private tutoring, and always found the child in learning there are some deviations. For example, gaps appeared on the child a lesson or children's turned up poor. Parents wanted to tutor, sent their children's homework in time. However, each student's own situation is different, in the study, their intellectual gap formed, there are non-intelligence factors in the formation of gaps. So, what kind of students for tutoring? Parents on this issue should be understood.  

based on our many years of experience, students learning gap, generally attributed to poor students, are not accurate. Some students are studying habits is not correct, if you get an experienced tutor corrected, changes can be made. Some difficulty in student learning, but are willing to work hard to learn, such a student tutor, is a great role.  

students in teachers when teaching a new course, understanding, acceptance and there is a gap of memory. Some students in the classroom to understand very quickly, but to write when I have forgotten many; some students understand more slowly, but after understanding often can not forget for a long time. Teachers knew about this, but cannot be thoughtful in its class, only in accordance with the majority of students ' comprehensive ability in teaching. Some students within the prescribed time, feel hard to absorb new knowledge. But parents should face up to the differences, admit the gap exists, and should observe their children according to their own strengths, weaknesses, and help them learn to use class time, digestion and absorption of knowledge. Where this is the case of the students, parents invited his family tutor is practical and useful. Classroom teacher to timely, fast, help the students to understand, improve, knowledge of debt to fill up, so that it can keep up with classroom teaching the next day without losing interest.  

to sum up, in private tutoring for their children, the parents should be aware of their learning in the classroom, can be targeted and improve efficiency.  

2, the difference between college teachers and faculty  

a: find college students tutor has its advantages, primary closer in age and some of the students, the language barrier-free, and easy to communicate with their children in the course; students in addition to their schoolwork, basic family; college students pay to obtain than in the lower school teachers, so that counselling by college students is entirely feasible.  

but some children are not suitable for college students to tutor such as lively, fun to sit still child. This character's children, most of the brain is slow. Weekdays because can't control themselves, always will speak to students in class, reads books, etc. This child is very confident, and very organized. He could even mobilize college students tutor, parents don't pay attention to chatting with them, and so on. Counselling is not suitable for thus by college students, even if it also wanted a more experienced students.  

by contrast, in teachers ' seniority long, rich teaching experience. In teaching, will strictly control content; and their dignity, will also make the naughty students converge.  

select on the tutor, as the views of children and their parents in case of disagreement, parents should also pay attention to persuading children's way. To detail and explain reasons, not just hard. Because no matter what kind of tutor, all designed for your child to learn. Fiddly, and counterproductive.  

3, a tutor must be approved by agent?  

answer: not necessarily, we believe a professional tutoring Center is very necessary to hire a tutor. Hire a tutor in several ways, through friends, through the tutoring Centre or through teacher inquiry system similar to this site to find teachers. Only through family education centre is required to pay. After the information is obtained through a variety of tutoring, as parents and children, when choosing a tutor, with a purpose, is to let the child's academic performance improved, the most important thing is the result!  

4, only primary and secondary school students need tutor?  

answer: No. Primary and secondary school students tutor is a very common phenomenon, but this does not mean that only primary and secondary school students need tutoring. In fact, if you are preparing the self-study exam, or you want to learn a foreign language or to learn more about computers, or are you going to learn to play the piano or painting, or you want to learn some other skills such as tennis or flower arrangements, and so on, are available through the form of tutor. We offer tutoring, in essence, it is a kind of individualized educational services, she is more conducive to students ' abilities and provide more flexible teaching time.  

must be able to 5, child tutor grades increased?  

answer: not necessarily. Children please has tutor zhihou, results can improve and teacher capacity of level has directly of relationship, but a good of teacher also not students results improve of full conditions, because this which also involves students of accept capacity, students of learning consciousness and teacher of teaching way whether can adapted by taught of students, many reasons, addition, in please has family teachers Hou, some students produced has rely on thought, led to students class not seriously listens, this is makes students learning results not improve instead declined of reasons. So, not a tutor students ' grades will improve later. If caught in such a situation should be promptly identified, if a teacher education or method shall promptly contact the tutor Center.  

6, quality education or burden you don't need tutoring after you?  

answer: No. Quality education or lightening and tutors are not contradictory. First, students accept education of opportunities has its not equal sex, some students in focus middle school reading, some is in teaching quality lower of general middle school reading, some where regional teaching quality high, some is instead; second, students of accept capacity also has different, is not each a a students are can adapted with a teachers of teaching way and progress; again, some students may will because all reasons as transfer, and injuries, and out, and delay class; such of students please a tutor, Follow a more personalised education is indisputable, is clearly not contradictory and quality education. In addition, the tutoring teachers in the teaching process will also focus on training students to master the correct way of learning, so that students can do more with less in a later study, so as to achieve a real sense of relief. What's more, there are many student tutors to learn computer, piano and painting, which itself is a quality education. Therefore, we believe that a quality education or lightening and tutors are not contradictory.  

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