Tutors should be aware of basic knowledge


with the development of society, family education has become an indispensable part of social education. Tutors may seem simple, actually has a very complex content.

first, the tutor is not easy to do. In reality, a tutor who is a degree College, but not every degree and knowledge for a tutor, I could tutor. Of course there are a variety of reasons, with academic knowledge does not necessarily have, so do very well, or said it was difficult to do tutoring: some children's learning motivation high, under the influence of family, society and the environment, learning does not have a positive attitude, so that children are more difficult to teach; there is tutor and tutors who cannot reach a consensus.

do a good job of tutor, have been recognized by children and their parents is not easy. If you want to do well, in addition to their own to have a solid foundation of knowledge, must have good psychological quality of image and sound, way to get children ready to learn, and also has its own serious and responsible, moderate and strict attitude.

Secondly, the tutor is not easy. Very few people can really do a tutor, so a good tutor is not easy. Children of parents on their children's learning and attention, but there is no good method of education, which particularly high requirements of tutors who, hoping to Excel their children education. While most parents do not want to pay too much for tutoring fees, less the cost of a good tutor is easier said than done, to the tutor, or teacher is good, not too hard, being proportional to the services and prices, making it difficult to achieve the desired effect, and delay time.

therefore, it is recommended that parents of a child, if you really want to for the sake of their children's future, don't care too much about a little more pay because of paying a little more, later acquired some more. Don't want to pay more and wanted to return, the possibility is not Oh.

a child's growth, home how it works, not only is the level of tutor, also depends on the attitude of parents and more importantly children willing to actively cooperate.