Matters needing attention

1. tutor parents should communicate with your child before understanding clear child learning attitude, are tired of is not like a class of subjects, still prefer caused but there is no good way to learn academic achievement unsatisfactory, and so on.
&Nbsp;   a. know more than a little easier to find the right teacher, assuming the child is not a good way to learn habits, you can look for a greater focus on learning methods with good study habits tutor.

    b. provide such information to the home network, and better able to make home network knows how to find the right teacher.

    c. provides above information tutor network more easy to students some recommends views, as: children is hate learning, that children most is not like school of learning atmosphere, or is hate school teacher of severe and so on, so in please teacher Shang needed carefully, is may in is big degree Shang please a in school students do for himself of big brother big sister more easy accept, instead please on-the-job teacher will appeared backfired of effect.

2. on the basis of article, then clearly the purpose of tutoring.

    a. was as interested in, improve test scores or in order to pass the test: to different teaching methods were different.

    b ... is to expand their communication, learning for secondary.

3. clear class.

    a. class time is of the essence, unreasonable time directly increases the difficulty of looking for teachers.

    b. good timing to do more with less effect. Generally not suitable tutors for too long at a time, generally for about 2 hours, tutors also should not be too high.

4. the specific course location.

    a. place fill out the clear class of relatively detailed easy to teachers, transportation routes to facilitate teachers quickly find a course location.

    b. more comprehensive school locations, convenient home network queries the appropriate teacher.

5. teacher origin determined.

    a. specific origin requirements for teachers, is indifferent, or specific origin, which helps tutor network soon time to find the candidates you need.

6. determination of teacher professional.

    a. most parents University of professional and do not have a comprehensive understanding of accounting faculty in mathematics and pure mathematics research is not the same.

    b. specifics on this subject, teachers often have good learning methods and habits.

7. when faculty salary determination.

    a. fill out the registration should clearly class of hourly tutor information, which can save valuable time for the home network, and clear instruction of the teacher's pay in a timely manner.

8. rational financial management, reasonable to find suitable teachers, according to their own situation, rational choice.